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101 Westlife Fact

1)Mark always have to has his toothbrush in a glass by the sink.If someone puts it on the sink, he goes absolutely wild!

2)When Shane is concentrating or focusing on something, like watching the TV, you can shout in his ear & he won't respond to you!

3)Nicky has a pair of lucky socks that he wears whenever he performs!

4)Bryan used to be really chubby when he was young, he didn't really go out with any girls until he was 17!

5)Kian used to be a kissogram!

6)Mark has a birthmark in the middle on his back!( a splodge)

7)Nicky is afraid of lifts!

8)The most common word that Westlife use on each other is "deautz"!(means stupid)

9)Mark is afraid of "birds"!

10)Kian never leaves the house until he looks 100% perfect!

11)Westlife shares the same stylist as the Spice Girls & David Beackham. (Kenny Ho)

12)Bryan used to be a huge fan of Marvel Comics,Superman!

13)Before Westlife goes on stage to perform,they will gather around & join their hands together,they say a prayer,then they shout "One , Two, Three Westlife" & then they go on stage!

14)If Nicky wasn't in Westlife, he would have became a policeman, Nicky passed all his police exams & was about to join the police force when he found out that he's going to be in the group!

15)Mark hates having an Irish accent,it'll make him sound like a farmer!

16)If Kian wasn't in Westlife, he'll be a piano teacher! he passed his Grade 8!

17)Bryan went to the same stage school as Mikey(Boyzone), Keacy,Edele & Sinead (B*witched) & Paul & Danny(Mytown).

18)Nicky once flewed home & hid in his girlfriend's room to suprise her!

19)Before Nicky joined Westlife, he was a budding TV presenter. He went for lots of auditions and would love to have his own show one day!

20)Kian's favourite aftershave are Jean Paul Gaultier,Polo Sport & Joop!

21)Bryan once acted in an Irish Tv Series, Finbarr's Class & even have to learn how to pretend to beat people up!

22)Shane is good in Math!

23)Westlife likes silver,all five of them wears at least one silver accesory!

24)Mark is a big Mariah Carey fan!

25)Bryan once smashed up a hotel wardrobe while he was wrestling with the others when they were on tour!

26)Westlife are Backstreet boys fan! Westlife likes their music alot!

27)Shane once performed in musicals like Grease & Westside story!

28)Westlife used to be called Westside!

29)Bryan used to be in a band called Cartel!

30)Mark spends alot of money phoning back home!

31)Westlife's favourite ice cream is Haegen Daazs!(flavour: cookies & cream!)

32)Shane's a good poet!He can write poems well!

33)Kian had been going out with 30 girls already but only had 3 serious relationship!

34)Mark loves scaring himself by listening to Ghost stories & easily gets worked up about spooky happenings.Once he even convinced himself that his granny's cat Snowy was going to come back from the dead to haunt him!

35)Shane never goes to bed without saying his prayers.He prays for his family, friends & the rest of Westlife hoping that they are kept safe! He also goes to church every Sunday & if he misses it one time he feels really bad!

36)Westlife loves chocolate bars!(toblerone, mars, snicker & etc!)

37)Playing in the Wembley Arena was Nicky's dream come true!

38)Two years ago, Bryan's mate stripped Bryan & chucked him out of the door!

39)Shane loves horse riding!

40)Bryan & Kian used to compete for the laydees!

41)Kian once dressed up as Marilyn Monroe & Cilla Black for a show!

42)When Bryan was young, he was grounded for a month when he & his mates made a teacher so angry that she left school!

43)Bryan once stole a football from the Gaelic football team in Deblin but his dad made him gave it back!

44)Shane once dated an older woman when he was 13!

45)Mark's favourite teacher was his French Teacher Miss Rogers!

46)Shane's car is a silver BMW 3 series which he bought when RCA paid the band for their record deal!

47)Mark's worst job was cleaning a restaurant's toilet when he was about 16 & he got paid 2.60 an hour!

48)Bryan is the messiest in the band!

49)Mark would have become a teacher if he wasn't in Westlife!

50)Bryan would like to play the full piano one day!

51)Nicky's first ever song that he sang on stage was "Karma Chemeleon" by Culture Club!

52)Kian's got a benign tumour in his left leg!

53)Mark used to really really love Chloe from "Home & Away"!

54)Bryan eats faster than anyone has eaten before!

55)Kian, Shane & Mark are grumpy in the mornings!

56)Bryan kept losing his things like passport,mobiles, wallet & etc!

57)Bryan & Mark are the biggest party animal in the group!

58)Nicky dressed as Elvis & the other four dressed up as The Beatles on Nicky's 21st Birthday party!

59)Kian used to be a rocker in his old band. He was into Metallica & Magadeth!

60)Westlife thinks that BBMAK is a really talented band!

61)About the contract which ban Westlife for not getting married for the next five years is NOT TRUE!

62)Westlife's favourite food is PIZZA!

63)Nicky likes the brand GUCCI!

64)Shane is the best dancer in the band! He was a big Michael Jackson fan!

65)Nicky shares his bedroom with his brother Adam & it's the biggest bedroom in the house!

66)Bryan & Kian were both once seeing the same girl at the same time without realising it!

67)When Shane was younger, he used to change on the beach!

68)When Nicky was in primary school,the circus came to town & everyone in the class has got a ticket each, but he wanted an extra one. He remembered watching his best friend Colm putting his ticket in his pencil case & it was so tempting to Nicky so he stole it! Colm didn't find out who took it yet!

69)When Bryan was a baby, he peed directly on his aunt's face when she was changing his nappy!

70)Mark started learning how to drive since he was 13!

71)When Nicky was small,his mum always dress him the same as his sister until he was about six!

72)When Shane was 14, he snogged his girlfriend's mates!

73)Bryan was a very bad boy when he was a child that made him aunties to refuse to look after him!

74)Kian broke his neighbour's window twice, with a water balloon & snowball. He never feels bad about it cause his neighbour always take his football away!

75)Nicky was the headmaster's pet!The headmaster was also a football manager!

76)Shane used to have a toy cat called Kitty!

77)Kian almost fell off a balcony,luckily his foot got caught in a washing line & it saved his life!

78)Shane was caught speeding past a hospital doing a 47 mph in a 30 mph zone!

79)Nicky once pretended to be a member of OTT!

80)Bryan used to collect Discovery Magazine & keep each copy carefully stashed away in a file!

81)Bryan bite his fingernails!

82)Kian has a tattoo on his leg!

83)Mark was a naughty boy in school when he was small!

84) Nicky drives a Peaugot 306 convertible which he got it for a really good price with Ronan's help!

85) Although Mark loves living a pop star life, he reckons the idea of being really famous scares him to death!

86) Before Shane joined Westlife, he used to help out with the cooking and washing up in his parents restaurant!

87) Nicky, once impersonated Ronan himself at a gig to get backstage. When the real Mr.Keating tried to get backstage, he couldn't because the security gaurds thought they'd already let the real Ronan in!

88)Westlife's co-manager, Louis Walsh, has given each of them a Spice name which reflects their personalities but the boys won't let on what they are!

89) Kian pierced his own ear when he was younger!

90)Before Westlife got popular,they used to play in small clubs that didn't have any dressing rooms so they ended up getting changed in the toilets!

91) Shane never really relaxes on his holidays.He prefer to be up and doing something!

92)Mark has got a thing like two teabags on a string. It's called a Scapular. It's meant to protect him. He takes it everywhere he go!

93) Kian once had a very embarrassing kissing incident with a girl who was slightly crossed eyed.She missed and kissed the wall behind him!

94)Westlife recorded a few covers songs which is, Forever, Tomorrow Never Comes,Seasons in The Sun, More Than Words & I Have a Dream!

95)Nicky thinks that croissants are disgusting!

96)Bryan broke his nose when he was 12 while playing football, a guy punched him when he did a dirty tackle!

98)Bryan & Nicky are really close to each other! They are best mates!

99)Nicky likes Japanese food!

100)Kian hates wearing make-up for photoshoots & Tv appearance!

101)Mark washes his face everytime he washes his hands!