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" For the music is your only friend... until THE END! "
(When The Music's Over, The Doors, 1967)

"Take three parts Doors, add two parts Led Zeppelin and one part Pink Floyd, throw in a pinch of punk and a dash of blues, garnish with magic mushrooms, serve hot, wash it all down with a beer… and you’ve got THE END."
(T. Lewis, fan)

"Psychedelic isn’t just colors, clothes and pharmaceuticals – it’s a state of mind, and one that comes naturally to these guys. Few bands would even think of making a medley out of ‘Light My Fire’ and ‘Jabberwocky,’ yet THE END does it so smoothly that you would have thought Jim Morrison and Lewis Carroll co-wrote the song while smoking opium together."
(D. Thompson, Spin-up Magazine)

Welcome to THE END's official web site.   Based in the Washington DC area, THE END is a band best known for playing Doors covers, sixties songs, and original music that sounds like the Doors.   After being inactive for years, THE END reunited to bring their apocalyptic brand of acid rock back for a new millenium.   THE END approaches music as if time stopped around 1972.   Come take a trip with us... back to the psychedelic sixties.   This is THE END!







THE END has released four CDs on Brain Damage Records   (

· PSYCHEDELICIOUS   THE END's final studio recording from 2005 features all-new original songs inspired by the great psychedelic era (1967-1974) of pop music.   Members of the band agree unanimously that this CD contains THE END's best material ever!

· FLASHBACK   This 2003 release contains THE END's first new studio recordings since 1983, including new original songs and covers of psychedelic sixties tunes.   In addition to the ubiquitous keyboards and drums of founding members F. Scott and Ray Pettis, FLASHBACK features tracks from both of THE END's guitar players, Ben Pape and Dave Siebenheller.

· FINAL JUDGMENT: The Best Of The End   Released in 2001, this is THE END's greatest hits CD from their early days.   FINAL JUDGMENT features 16 THE END fan favorites, all digitally remastered to sound better than ever.   If you're a fan of THE END from the eighties, you won't believe the sound quality!

· NIGHT OF THE LIVING END   This three-disk set is a compilation of live performances from THE END's "second incarnation" as an active band during the period 2003-2006.   Released in 2008, this is the definitive live album, with 28 tracks that cover most of the band's 21st-century playlist.   Note: NIGHT OF THE LIVING END is only available to Friends of The End.

  There was a THE END reunion of sorts on June 2, 2007!   Scott and Ray played two sets of THE END material at a private party at Saguaro Sounds in Tucson, Arizona.   This was the first time that two-thirds of the band had been together in nearly a year, and it was the westernmost gig ever played by THE END.   Unfortunately, no one thought to take pictures of this special show, but the mere fact that it happened at all provides hope that there could be more THE END reunions in the future.

THE END has completed their 2006 farewell tour, said goodbye to their fans and friends, and retired from performing live.   But the band is neither gone nor forgotten!   Check out pictures from THE END's famously psychedelic shows in our photo gallery.   Then read through the band's colorful 25-year history.   And be sure to check out THE END's complete discography, including vintage tapes from the eighties and live recordings.

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