(The Apocalyptic Space Men)


TASM was born from break-ups of other internationaly know and extremely popular super-groups. Johnny came from Crawling Carpet Crappers, Rodney from Monkey Feces, Harry from Ramming Stool and Monk from Donkey Kong's Donkey Dung.

Since coming together, their success rose beyond any expection. Now over 11 years together, they have released over 35 albums ncluding "Get Me Out of this Godamn Bear Trap!", "Blow my Pigeon" and "Muddy Sounds" and top-ten singles such as "Fuck the World", "Fuck the System", "Frakenstein ain't Got no Penis" and "Lovely Flowers".

TASM is as strong today as they were in the early days and continue to record 2 to 3 albums per year.

TASM was fate. The world needs TASM.