Monk Tasm



Monk Tasm was born in a monastery in a peaceful environment. So how did this perfect upbringing change Monk into one of the most vulgar and vile human beings? Well, it's just barely interesting enough to write. Monk was thrown out of the monastery at the age of 17 for not practicing the monk's sacred vows to their god and because he just couldn't keep his voice down. He became known as "shhhhhhhhhh". Monk then felt that being as vulgar as possible, and as loud as possible, would be like some sort of revenge. Singing seemed to be his calling.

Monk's first band was Donkey Kong's Donkey Dung. They had amazing success with their greatest hits album which included the song: "Whacka Whacka Bonk". Sadly, Donkey Kong's Donkey Dung threw Monk out of the band when they caught him singing on the toilet. In the next stall, Johnny was sitting and noticed Monk's fantastic and booming voice. He offered him a job in TASM as back-up singer right then and there. Monk changed from being with Donkey Kong's Donkey Dung to TASM in under 1minute.

When Harry "died", Monk became the full-time singer and TASM went to even greater things. In full evolution, TASM adopted Monk's loud voice by turning up all instruments as loud as they could. At one of TASM's famous shows, Monk did the whole set without amplification.

When Harry returned to TASM, Monk shared his new-found spotlight. Now both singers share responsibility as main singer and everything is hunky-dory.