Johnny Tasm



Johnny was born out of hail, fire and brimstone, just like the metal god that he is. From the ages of 0 through 10, Johnny only listened to early 80's underground trash metal groups, like Dead Monkeys, Morbid Decapitation, and his personal favorite, Rabid Rats from Hell. And so the metal seed has been

By then, with the help of his father's pusher, he discovered drugs, hard drugs, bad drugs. At the age of 15, he was a regular at the Betty Ford clinic. This is where he met the future members of Crawling Carpets Crappers; Syd on trombone, Ralph on the kazoo, Potsie on the violin and Johnny on guitar. In the short period of time they were together (3 months), they've had 10 top ten hits in Uberkistan, including the rockers "Bringer of Death", "Death is the End", "Death is my Morbid Friend" and the ballad "Sweet Death".

Then, while waiting in line at the brothel in Masson, he met Rodney, a drummer. The Monk & Harry soon followed in the reunion of the brotherhood of TASM. By chance, they were musicians and mighty good ones too. TASM went from then to rule the world for many years and for many years to come.

Long live TASM.