Harry Tasm



Harry tasm was born, Saturday June 6, the oldest of 4 siblings. As a child he was subjected to loud noises and sounds at every second of his existence, from yelling and cursing to screeching profanity.
Early in his age, he found out that screaming loud noises brought him attention. Knowing this, he channeled them into songs which, to this day, are still annoying and uncomprehendable.

In his teens, he met and befriended a group of guys in a band called "Ramming Stool" to which he became their lead singer. They turned into a very popular band in the 1980's. They were especially popular to the male audience but non-existence to the female audience. He toured with them for 5 years until he found out what Ramming Stool meant. He prompted to quit that fruity band in no time flat citing his reasons for being "sexually frustated" but saying also he will miss all those handjobs and blowjobs he was getting, as Harry said "hey, it's free". In the end, it answered his own question "where were all the chicks?"

He then toured solo but to no avail, he still couldn't get laid which lead to his famous quote whenever he couldn't get some: "where's my canadian whisky?"

Hiting rock bottom, he bagan belting tunes in a laundrymat. One day he met Rodney and Johnny Tasm in that same laundrymat, they were looking for a singer. With promises of money and sex from chicks, which he put in as condition if he was going to be the singer, he answered the only way he knew how: by throwing up in a bucket and asking fo his canadian whisky.

TASM was formed to wreak havoc and misery to anyone within earshot with their explicit, sexually,
unpollitically correct, gibberish lyrics to the people in hope to get what has eluded him in all these years:
getting laid.....which he stil hasn't gotten any.