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let's go, red sox!

alan merrill - the original glitter boy

another groovy alan merrill site

our dear pal natalia m. king rocks!

chris kenna -- oz's greatest gift to the northern hemisphere

rémi jeannin is king of the B3 (& all the other keyboards as well)

sal bernardi -- not a hippie no more, not a weasel either
but a white boy who's cool

jonathan spencer -- visit big muff's world at your own risk

john simms -- a smile as big as his voice

marc black -- longtime singer-songwriter pal from my woodstock days

elliott murphy -- a wonderful singer-songwriter
& paris friend

jerry joseph -- tasty songs for the sophisticated palate

john lester -- a great songwriter who wields a huge bass

ann klein's so good she has bands on two continents!

our buds alice & bland kiser & their rollicking krew

chantele -- ride in style with my little singin' friend!

yazid manou -- on the scene like a sex machine

the black crowes -- just the remedy for what ails ya

our talented friend perry leopard is mississippi's envoy to paris

jamie sol black rocks the rockabilly punk coast-to-coast

don't miss vic chesnutt when he rolls into your town

leonard cohen says there ain't no cure for love (he's right!)

howard stern -- king of all media

artie lange -- it's the whiskey talkin'

artie lange death watch -- devil doggin' his way to the devil

neko case -- who said nothin' good ever came from canada?

suffering from hipness deficiency? check out

north mississippi allstars -- bring blues to a whole new level

chuck prophet -- he's been green on red then all the colors
then green on red again

eric mcfadden -- a friend & funkier than you'll ever be

stockholm syndrome -- a great cd & a great group

apollo sunshine -- a party goin' somewhere to happen

gov't mule -- kickin' ass everywhere they go!

anders osborne -- i saw him in nyc & became an instant fan

don't hit the road without it!

now this is a rock mag . . . and they run my stuff too!

bry -- our man in maximum city

lookin' for laughs? hit our friend rachel's site

what exactly is going on in the apartment across the hall?

franklin's tower -- pannifer's london-based eurofreeks site

german heads site -- you're in good hands: ralph's driving!

david gans -- singing host of the grateful dead hour

great singer-songwriter & damn cool dude

patti smith -- if i ever get married again . . .

the codetalkers with col. bruce hampton -- any questions?

fred clayton & the international rhythm & blues connexion

ani difranco -- charisma to burn

taj mahal -- we went to different schools together

nikki matheson -- super singer-songwriter
& my (very) occasional collaborator

my friend joe gallant's cool site features
sleazy nyc porn, buttpainting & cool nyc music

jambase -- comprehensive resource for live music groovers

this dick is the original crime-stopper

susan lucci -- we should all look this good when we hit 50!

widespread panic -- official site

panic fans for food -- support it!

hanno's panic eurotour '99 site

an honest tune -- the southern journal of jam

our favorite mag/radio/web tycoon -- give love daniel a click

relix -- official phish fan mag

relix/jambase writer lee abraham's site

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