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Matt Cameron News

October 4, 2000

Pearl Jam will soon begin work on another CD, to be released in 2001. There is no word yet on whether Matt will be featured on the CD.

Added the following articles: "Pearl Jam plans to 'bootleg' its North American tour", "Pearl Jam Take On Bootleggers"

September 29, 2000

CD sets of the shows from the European leg of the 2000 tour are now in retail stores. If you're having trouble finding a particular show, you can ask your local retailer to order it for you. The North American tour will be made available as well, to be released sometime after Christmas. For a complete review for each CD, check out: Rolling Stone Online, September 26, 2000: "The Complete Pearl Jam Live Album Guide".

RUSH's singer/bassist Geddy Lee will release his debut solo album, "My Favorite Headache", on November 14. The CD features Matt on ten of the tracks.

June 16, 2000

Pearl Jam will be releasing a ton of bootleg CD's. According to the band's official site, each of the group's shows on its 28 date summer European tour will be recorded and released as a double CD, initiall available online at and later in retail stores. Each of the bootlegs will be mixed by Brett Eliason.

The following was taken from the Trowerchord mailing list (Wellwater Conspiracy):
1. We are close to sealing a deal the label of our dreams. You'll be the first to know.
2. Wellwater Conspiracy will begin rehearsing for an end of the summer tour of the West Coast.
3. A Spring 2001 Tour is in the works.
4. The Third Gear 4 song CD EP will arrive in a matter of days. The songs will be: "TidePool Telegraph", "Now Invisibly", "Farside Of Your Moon" (live from Salt Lake City), and "Of Dreams".
5. The full length album will be out at Summer's end.
6. A member of WWC will be releasing a solo seven inch single this Summer on an Australian label.
7. Our newest member is Mr. Jack Endino of Seattle, WA. Welcome aboard, Jack!
8. A one hour documentary on the recording of our latest album will also be released to coincide with the Full length CD/LP.

May 25, 2000

Glen E. Friedman’s page has new Pearl Jam pics featuring Matt.

Before Binaural came out, a group called Resistance, which formed on the newsgroup,, refused to listen to the album before its release date. Many Pearl Jam fans downloaded the entire album prior to May 16thm but this group resisted the temptation and vowed to wait until the store release. Read the article: "Pearl Jam Fans Say ‘Hell No, We Won’t Download’".

The new Wellwater Conspiracy four- song single will be out in a few weeks.

May 8, 2000

The new WWC single can be preordered for $7. Send your checks, cashiers checks, and money orders (and a request) to: Third Gear Records P.O. Box 1886 Royal Oak, MI 48068

The first single off the new WWC CD will be "Tidepool Telegraph".

There's a new WWC fansite.

Here is the yet untitled WWC tracklist:
1.Tidepool Telegraph
2.I Got Nightmares
3.C Myself and Eye
4.Tick, Tock, Three O'Clock
5.What Becomes Of The Clock
6.Felicity's Surprise
7.Now, Invisibly
8.Of Dreams
9.Brotherhood of The Electric
10.The Scroll & It's Combinations
11.Keplinger ad infinitum

If you can download the MP3 for the Pearl Jam song, "Grievance".

Pearl Jam will be doing an online chat May 15th on Lycos.

The Monkeywrench will be opening for Pearl Jam on Oct. 29th and 30th, Dismemberment Plan will open from June 14- July 3, Sonic Youth will open from Aug. 3- Sept. 5, and Supergrass from Oct. 4- Nov. 5.

"Nothing As It Seems" has made it onto the Top 10 alternative, rock, and active rock radio charts.

A recent Billboard article concerning "Binaural" mentioned this about Matt: "Former Soundgarden drummer Matt Cameron, who joined Pearl Jam for its 1998 U.S. tour and has been a part of the band ever since, is also a dominant factor on "Binaural." Cameron wrote the music for the edgy "Evacuation" and is said to have come up with certain guitar parts that Gossard and guitarist Mike McCready spent hours figuring out."

Here's some info I got from the 107.7 the End (Seattle) newsletter: "All next week, The End is celebrating the release of Pearl Jam's new album Binaural. We're giving you copies of their new record and qualifying you to see PJ in London at the end of May. Just be caller 7 at 206-421-1077 or 800-423-1077 when you hear a PJ tune during the below hours and you win the CD and are qualified for the trip:
MONDAY: 9am, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm, 8pm, 11pm
TUESDAY: 7am, 10am, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm, 9pm
WEDNESDAY: 8am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm, 8pm
THURSDAY: 6am, 9am, 10am, 2pm, 4pm, 7pm
FRIDAY: 7am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm, 9pm
SATURDAY: 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm, 9pm
SUNDAY: 12pm, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm

Don't forget- "Binaural" will be out next Tuesday, May 16th.

April 3, 2000

The new WWC single, titled ''Tidepool Telegraph" is supposed to be out this month on Third Gear. The new record should be out once Matt finds a sufficient deal. The new record will have 11 songs (37 min, 11sec), with Matt singing on 7 of the songs.

"Word is that Terrastock will happen in Seattle later this year!... Wellwater Conspiracy (Matt, John McBain, others) will definitely be performing." Terrastock is a music festival, which used to held in California. It was started as a fund raiser for Ptolemaic Terrescope, a British music zine, who was going out of business and who also ran features on WWC. BUT I heard that John McBain has not confirmed this, so don't get all excited just yet.

Pearl Jam's new album, "Binaural" will be released May 23. The first single "Nothing As It Seems" (with bside Insignificance)will be played on radio starting April 11 and available in stores on April 24th

You can view the new album cover and the single's cover at the Official Pearl Jam site.

It is confirmed that Matt will be drumming for the upcoming Pearl Jam tours.

Pearl Jam will be playing a show at Vancouver's Commodore Ballroom on May 11. No tickets will be sold. You can win tickets by listening to CFOX at 99.3 FM or logging onto for information on how to win tickets to the show.

The post- punk band, Dismemberment Plan, will open for Pearl Jam in Europe this summer.

March 20, 2000

Matt will be performing with Pearl Jam on David Letterman's 53rd birthday show on April 12th.

Matt has contributed to the new Pearl Jam album, Binaural, due on May 23rd.

February 14, 2000

Matt was present at the Chris Cornell concert on February 7th.

Recording for the new Wellwater Conspiracy album is finished. They were supposed to be mixing it last week. Matt is looking out for a new label for the album to be released on.

December 6, 1999

There's a picture of Matt at (go to the GALLERY section).

Matt's performance at the Bridge School Benefit, with Pearl Jam, can be found in its entirety in MP3 format.

November 8, 1999

Matt has been collaborating with Pearl Jam on their new CD.

October 11, 1999

According to the SOMMS list, Matt is in the studio as a part of Wellwater Conspiracy.

August 30, 1999

Matt was spotted at the Sit N' Spin in Seattle, on August 13th, with Ben Shepherd.

July 5, 1999

Matt has been involved with Wellwater Conspiracy since SG's break up. He is currently drumming for Pearl Jam, but is not the permanent drummer.

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