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Kim Thayil Articles EMP Interviews: Kim Thayil- No WTO Combo"

NME Online, June 1, 2000: "Nirvana Bassist to Star in Internet Documentary Series"

Alternative Tentacles newsletter, May 25, 2000: The Story & FAQ about the No WTO Combo (newsletter 21)

Sonicnet, May 19, 2000: "No WTO Combo's Live Album Revisits 'Battle in Seattle'"

The Rocket, May 14, 2000: "The Riot Act: With the Release of a New Live Album, the No WTO Combo's Kim Thayil and Krist Novoselic Take Us Back to the Battle in Seattle", May 12,2000: Kim interviews James Baker of Rorschach Test, May 12, 2000: "Hell no, we won't WTO"

CDNow, May 8, 2000: "Krist Novoselic, Jello Biafra Talk Live From The Battle In Seattle"

"Jello Biafra Speaks about his Nomination February 29, 2000"

Jack Endino newsletter (#18)

Launch, March 30, 2000: "Ex- Soundgarden, Ex- Nirvana, Biafra Combo From Spitfire"

Music365, March 29, 2000: "Seattle Be Displayed! Grunge Gets Its Own Museum"

CDNow Online, February 9, 2000: "Malfunkshun: The Andrew Wood Story Moving Right Along”

Sonicnet, December 3, 1999: "Krist Novoselic, Jello Biafra, Kim Thayil Protest WTO with Punk Assault"

Washington Post, November 24, 1999

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