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Chris Cornell Articles

Launch, July 6, 2000: "Chris Cornell A First Time Dad With New Baby Girl"

Mtv Online, July 6, 2000: "Chris Cornell Feels 'Euphoria' With Newborn Daughter"

Jam! Online, May ??, 2000: "Music From And Inspired By Mission: Impossible 2"

Dallas Morning News, March, 7, 2000: "Cornell shines on avid fans pack club to see former Soundgarden singer"

Dallas Observer, March 2, 2000: Chris Cornell

Dallas Observer, March 3, 2000

CDNow Online, February 9, 2000: "Malfunkshun: The Andrew Wood Story Moving Right Along

CDNow, December 29, 1999: "Paula Cole, Dixie Chicks, Chris Cornell Share Their NYEve Plans"


Sonicnet, January 19, 2000

Live Daily, January 24, 2000: "Chris Cornell Tour Rolls Again in February"

Pandemonium Online

MTV News Online, December 3, 1999: "Cornell on playing SG songs at solo gigs"

San Francisco Chronicle, December 2, 1999: "Cornell Brings His Euphoric Hard Rock to Berkeley.Newer material dominates show" (Berkeley concert review)

The Inquirer, November 16, 1999: “Nimbe Singing Can't Save The Songs"(concert review)

National Post, November 18, 1999, "Rocker Trades on his voice"(concert review)

New Musical Express, October 23, 1999 (concert review)

Addicted to Noise, October 10, 1999: "Chris Cornell: Post- Soundgarden", September 29, 1999: "Chris Cornell: A Changed Man"

New York Daily News Online, September 27, 1999: "Wake up the Dead Grunge Guys Cornell & Meeks Grit Out Fresher, Cleaner Sounds on 2 New CD's" The Music Base Online

Pandemonium Online, September 24, 1999

LA Times, September 23, 1999: "Cornell Ambles Into Life After Grunge"

SonicNet, September 22, 1999: "Chris Cornell Leaves Soundgarden Behind On Solo Outing"

Wall Of Sound, September 21, 1999: "Chris Cornell Impresses in SF"

All Music News, September 20, 1999: "Chris Cornell: It's A Beautiful Morning"

Rolling Stone Online, September 17, 1999: "Chris Cornell Goes It Alone Naturally"

New Music Express, September 16, 1999

Rolling Stone Online, September 16, 1999

AllStar News, September 14, 1999: "Chris Cornell Hits Euphoric Heights in Solo Debut"

CheckOut Music, September 14, 1999: "A Garden Of His Own: One-on-One With Chris Cornell"

SonicNet, September 14, 1999: "Ex- Soundgarden Singer Turns Into Crooner As Solo Tour Begins"

New Music Express, September 8, 1999

SonicNet, September 8, 1999: "Ex- Soundgarden Singer Expands His Art On 'Euphoria Morning'"

Billboard Magazine Online, September 7, 1999: "Artist of the Day: 'Euphoria Morning' Dawns For Soundgarden's Cornell"

Los Angeles Times Online, September 5, 1999: "Garden- Variety? No"

MTV Online, September 3, 1999: "Chris Cornell Makes His 'Commercial' For New Single"

MTV Online Feature

AllStar News Online, August 25, 1999: "Chris Cornell Discusses 'Euphoria Morning'"

USA Today Online, August 27, 1999: "So far, so good. So now what?"

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