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Reasons Why Creed Sucks. We've Reached 100!

This is an ongoing list in no particular order of Reasons Why Creed Sucks

  1. They Sound like hootie and the blowfish.
  2. Scott Stapp is a piece of Crapp.
  3. They show Scott Stapp's face too much in the Music Videos.
  4. They Wear leather pants.
  5. They don't make music that appeals to my taste.
  6. They Suck.
  7. The part in the "Higher" Video When Scott Stapp is floating above the stage (although good for comic value, this part of the video still contributes to their suck-factor.)
  8. They use that stupid effect from "The Matrix" when the people stop in mid movement and the camera twirls around them too much in the "Higher" Video.
  9. That part in the Song "Higher" When Scott Stapp says, "It Helps me to, Appreciate..."
  10. The "Higher" Video
  11. You have to be a member of to post on the message board.
  12. Mr. Stapp looks like a pantywaste in his "wifebeater" undershirt.
  13. That little guitar part after Scott Crapp sings "Can you Take Me higher?".
  14. They seem like they try too hard.
  15. "What if! What if! What if! What if! What if I!?".
  16. They have not yet done anything to make me think that they don't suck.
  17. The strings section part in "With arms wide open".
  18. The "With arms wide open" video. *See first article in the news section*
  19. They continue to make music.
  20. They suck.
  21. ...
  22. In my humble opinion, Creed is a pretty stupid name for a band.
  23. Tremonti looks like he is gay.
  24. Scott Stapp challenged fred durst to a boxing match (Again, although this is comical, they still suck).
  25. The cover of the album "Human Clay".
  26. The Name of the album "Human Clay".
  27. Scott Stapp is a piece of Crapp.
  28. In the What if Video, the "Scream" Character never kills Creed.
  29. Creed Behind the Music should have been called "Scott Stapp is a piece of Crapp". It almost totally revolved around Stapp, and entirely excluded the former bass player from the band. (coincidence? I think Not.)
  30. During the live shows, it looks like Scott Crapp suffers from some manner of epilipsy.
  31. The face that Scott Stapp makes when He sings "I hope he's not like me. I hope he understands..." looks stupid.
  32. Many creed fans do not seem to think before they type. this info was gathered from my guestbook.
  33. They sound like hootie and the blowfish
  34. there are now bands out which sound enough like creed that is seems like they're ripping creed off. Lifehouse and Fuel come to mind. well, their singles at least.
  35. None of the members are black
  36. Somehow, someway, I know that they are responsible for the death of Dale Earnhardt.
  37. The album cover for weathered is soooooo stupid looking.
  38. "My Sacrifice" is a terrible song.
  39. The video for "My Sacrifice", although very comical, sucks.
  40. Scott Stapp expresses his fear of the Tiger in the "My Sacrifice" in the MTV making the video, but in another interview, he valiently states that he was not afraid and knew he would be alright.
  41. The part in the "My Sacrifice" video when stapp turns into an old man. Ha ha ha.
  42. Stapp didn't introduce his Bass player in the VH1 live preformance.
  43. Scott Crapp's creed tatoo.
  44. The guy in the Making the video of "My Sacrifice" who took the position of Stapp Look alike put the originally cast Look alike out of a job.
  45. They continue to be played on the radio.
  46. Mark Tremonti's head is shaped sort of funny.
  47. creed memebers fuck each other on their bus. (thanks "GKoolAidAcidTest"!)
  48. Scott Stapp is a pretty boy pansy! (Thanks Gerald K.!)
  49. to all those who don't like creed FUCK YOU!!!! (not much of a reason, but thanks!)
  50. Scott Stapp used to put his pretty boy panty waste attitude on stage at Potbelly's on open mike night, and sing Pearl Jam songs like he thought he was Eddie Vedder. No wonder Creed sucks so much... look at the influences. (Thanks Ray H.!)

    Reasons 51-56 were sent to me by Derek M. and were obtained through first hand experience

  51. He got his "big break" in Tallahassee (reason enough right there if you know the town).
  52. He's a fucking hypocrite... he used to be drunk and high every time I saw him out in Tallahassee (unfortunately often).
  53. He hits on under-aged girls at concerts while his girlfriend (fiance` or wife now... whatever) is in the bathroom, and gets pissed-off when they tell him to go to hell.
  54. He follows around said young girls until friends of theirs tell him to go away or die (after which he tucks his tail in and runs).
  55. He's not a Christian (not that that's a bad thing) unless he converted in the last year or so, which is not the case as he tells it.
  56. He gets his ass kicked almost every time he goes out at some point or another, but then conveniently forgets about it the next day... "I fell.".... yeah, right.
  57. The fucking Superbowl. Did you see that faggot? Jesus he's a prettyboy bitch. Pretty Boy Bitches + Rock n Roll = Shit. (Thanks for the help Casey S.)

    The next 2 reasons are courtesy of "MandaMaz"

  58. Scott Stapp always looks like he needs to take a shit in the "My Sacrifice" video
  59. Scott was a selfish bastard in the "My Sacrifice" video, he didn't save the woman that needed help, rather saving his own butt! Not very manly...
  60. Creed sucks b/c Strappy was in a car accident and cancelled dates for his tour- to be honest I think the accident was fake and they cancelled b/c no one would pay 48.50 to see his piece of shit band pay ( certainly not at U of IL) and they were going to lose millions....bastards! (thanks for the reason Liz S.!)

    The Next series of reasons were submitted by Matt L. Thanks Matt, these were great!

  61. Mark Tremonte "has" to play with his foot on something, like a speaker, box, rock, etc.
  62. Scott Stapp has a mullet
  63. They're a Pearl Jam rip-off
  64. Scott Stapp looks like a faggot in that cowboy hat
  65. The "Weathered" CD
  66. Their temporary bassist looks like a hermaphrodite
  67. Their concerts draw elementary-school-aged kids
  68. Scott Stapp sounds fake
  69. Scott Stapp wears tight leather pants
  70. The video for "Bullets"
  71. Their drummer is the only one with talent, and he doesn't get any credit
  72. They fired their bassist because he asked for a fare share of the money they were making
  73. Scott Stapp's wife looks old enough to be his mom, i.e. she's a crack-whore
  74. Scott Stapp named his son after Mick Jagger

    Thanks again Matt!

  75. Creed sucks because their parents and friends sucked. Everything is contagious, including sucking.- Thanks for this addition Kylito!
  76. Reason why 'Greed' sucks: Is there even a remote chance that a band being worshiped by millions of teen-age girls is going to have any talent?- This list addition comes from "D o n" Thanks!

    These next few reasons come from our friend Lori. Thank you Lori!

  77. Creed sucks because they're still around even after sucking for so long.
  78. Creed sucks worse than Hootie and the Blowfish because at least Hootie and the Blowfish knew they sucked and were ripping the public off.
  79. Creed sucks because they are cluttering up our airwaves with sappy bullshit and Stapp's annoying, whiny, wimpy voice makes me want to puke.
  80. Creed sucks because it is a lameass copycat band who tries to imitate the grunge bands of the early 90's whose sound was relevant only during the early 90's.
  81. Creed sucks because they are the darlings of the corporations that control MTV and VH1, and the only good reviews they get are from the reviewers employed by these corporations

    Thanks again Lori!

  82. they're the backstreet boys with guitars. (Thanks for that reason Billie P.!)
  83. Scott Stapp looks like a woman, really (thanks P. Mcdonald!)
  84. All bands who "yarl" suck. (Thanks for that reason L. Chess)

  85. Creed Sucks because of some bull crap lie of Laryngitis and cancel everything for three days, skipping 4 concerts.
  86. Mark Tremonti seems constipated when he performs.
  87. Stapp has had so many"REAL" Accidents he should be dead.
  88. And most of all, the guys most definitely Do "DO" each other, or any body or anything. (Thanks a lot for all those great list additions J. Thomas!)

  89. Creed sucks more than anything that has sucked before because a band can only be as good as their drummer and Scotty plays the exact same boring mediocre beat for every song (and we all know each and every one of their songs out suck the others) and makes a big deal in modern drummer about using a crash cymbal instead of a hi hat. WOW..such an innovator...for me to poop on. (Fantastic Reason ElTrainn!)

  90. There videos are fuckin gay and they sold out (Thanks for that reason RJL528!) They have a "symphonic" album.,%20Scott/%20Tremonti,%20Mark/ref=pd_simart_detail/ (Thanks Mark N.!)
  92. Creed sucks because their songs make no sense. What are they six feet from the edge from? (Great addition CrazyAngelgrrl13!)
  93. cause Scott's ex-wife beats him (Awesome Reason KNvak2!)

    The next 3 reasons come from "ThSweetestthing)

  94. whats up w/ scott stapp always raising his arms and clutching his fists in the "My Sacrifice" video... is he trying to show off his muscles??. he serioulsy must have done that like 100 times in that 3 minute video.. the song blows too..
  95. he has a fucking mullet
  96. he got a concusion and caneled like 8 shows.. what bullshit, it was probably cuz no one bought tickets for them (Thanks again Dude!)

  97. they are a wanna be jesus loving pearl jam (Thanks a lot Tarheelgirl42808!)
  98. the lead singer is SCOTT STAPP.... what wlse is there to say? (Great Reason Meg!)
  99. they think they can bring back the mullet! (good reason Ally)
  100. they just do badly (Haha, I love that, Thanks Gabe E.)
  102. scott sucks cock, chokes on it, and doesn't even do it well (Very graphic, but a good reason Cassaundra)
  103. If you re-arrange [Scott's] initials they spell ASS (Thanks Aileen B!)
  104. Creed Sucks because they are Creed. Is there any thing else to say? (Blunt and to the point, thanks MonkeeeDude264)
  105. He made the point of being devoutly christian, but then told reporters how he likes just b/c of the fights. How friggin religious is that? Braden Struck
  106. they give pearl jam and other good bands a bad name(those last 2 reasons come from Braden S. Thanks!)
  107. scott shit looks bloated every concert he goes too. they are a wannabee pearl jam! they need a fucking life!
  108. creed deserves to be made fun of because they SUCK! stapp is sooooo ugly! in his tight jeans, he looks bloated! he also needs a new hair cut! his drummer is really bad. they need new music because they are terrible. (We have Bonnie M. To thank for the previous 2 reasons. Thanks for the additions Bonnie!)
  109. First off, Scott Stapp is tone-deaf and can't sing, second too many people think that because Creed is played 10 billion times a day by stupid radio stations they must be really good. (Nice reasons David M.)
  110. creed is the worst band because they look like faggs, sound like faggs, and really SUCK!!(Good Reason Mike!)

    These next 7 reasons come from Alyssa M., here we go!

  111. they attract little girls to their music.
  112. i'd rather turn gay and run around nude with a dildo up my ass rather than listening to their shit.
  113. their music licks balls so bad that i'd rather try to head-bang to Britney Spears' shitty music then watch another fucking Creed video.
  114. only little teenie-boppers listen to their music only because they think Scott Shithead is "hot"! HAHA!!!
  115. I wouldn't be suprised to see Scott at a gay bar considering he CONSTANTLY wears leather pants!
  116. Scott could be a spice girl.
  117. they just suck! need i give you a reason? (Thanks a lot for those great list additions Alyssa!)

  118. Scott Crapp and his 2-inch dick (This reason provided by Bloodyskater911, thanks!)
  119. In the YM magazine, they had a picture of Scott in high school.....and he was a friggin cheer leader!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Wow, great reason XoxMaLlOrYxoX. Thanks a lot!)

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