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Sleepless were originally known under the German name Die Schlaflosen. Formed in 1982 when guitarist Arch Stanton met up with Singers Cloudia Wintermute & Lucretia, and bassist Roland Hammerl. They immediatly found they had an amazing chemistry together and improvasation was the key to their sound. Never really having a permanent drummer they usually used drum machine for rehearsing and recording and would have a guest drummer at shows. Later joined by Saxopone player, Summer, they began playing the L.A. Gothic Scene and were regulars at Club Lhasa and The Anti-Club. In 1984 they opened for the Cramps at Perkins Palace.
An EP came out in 1985 which marked the change of name from Die Schlaflosen to Sleepless. "No one could pronounce the german version of the name" was the complaint of some, so they finally changed it when the EP came out. Lucretia left the band while the recording was in progress.
After almost a years absence from shows the band began playing again, but finally broke up in early 1987.



Arch Stanton, Cloudia Wintermute, Tom Morgan, & Roland Hammerl

Photo by Frank Cooper

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