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1Giant Leap Screening in Holland, Geleen

@ Mama's Pride Festival

07 May 2004

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Geleen is in the very south of the Netherlands, quite close to Maastricht.

So not too far from Heidelberg, Germany, where I live and from where I drove to the screening.


That day must've been the one with the most rain ;) it came down in buckets!

Still quite a lot of people made their way to the tent where 1giant leap was about to be shown at 9pm.

Unfortunately there were some technical difficulties due to the combination of  the weather/humidity and cables/electricity so there was a nice blue screen instead of the movie. :-/

While we were waiting for the tech guy, Jamie introduced 1gl to the audience.

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oh and that noise that you're hearing in the backround.... erm, that's the rain p-oouuring down ;)


Should i mention that the following contains bad language and isn't suitable for kids? hahahahaa ;)


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MP3: 1gl intro part 1 (Jamie about the beginning and set-up of 1gl)


(At the end of part 2, that sudden jubilating bit was when the DVD was finally viewable on the screen)

MP3: 1gl intro part 2 (Jamie about the 1gl journey, the idea of 1gl, collaborations)

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So we watched the 1giant leap  movie cut with some extra footage bits and different music remixes, which was really GREAT. :)

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After the movie:

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MP3: 1gl outro (Jamie about the making of 1gl and the new project 2sides2everything)

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And here are the Questions & Answers:

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MP3: questions & answers


Jamie also answered an exclusive questionnaire ;o) 

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So thanks again to Rico for setting this all up.

It was a very nice evening, everyone enjoyed it (despite the weather) and it was great meeting Mr Catto again :)

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May 2004


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