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Rick's Photo Gallery


Rick (age 12) with his first band, Smokey Blue (from Animal Instinct)
Rick off the High 'n Dry Album
Sav & Rick with the same hairdo!
Rick with an attitude! x
Always the prankster
Rick and Stacy in 1980
Rick in 1980 "
Rick smiling for the camera
Old black and white shot of Rick
A young Rick at his drums >
Another young shot of Rick
A very young Rick, 1981 x
Another from 1981
Bad hair day! x
Looking off
Young and innocent? (The Def Leppard Story)
Bad habit, Rick! (The Def Leppard Story)
More than brotherly love? >
A bit on the lean side "
Old black and white photo


German magazine photo ++
Getting a shot ++
Posing in a demin jacket ++
From a German magazine ++
Sitting on a motorcycle
Black & white photo with Rick's answer to a fan question about his kit (courtesy of Don)
At his Ludwig kit (Ross Halfin)
Killer smile (from Animal Instinct)
A very young Rick (from Animal Instinct)
Giving his "tough guy" pose (Ross Halfin)
Sitting at his kit in 1984
Shot from Classic Rock
In his hotel room x
In his Def Leppard T-shirt
In a car
Smiling x
In an interview, 1983 x
Smiling again x
Live and in action!
Soundchecking with Joe x
Drumming in his Union Jacks
And another drumming in his Union Jacks "
Two live shots of Rick x
Rick in the bathroom (from Animal Instinct)
From Hit Parader *
Rick and big brother Rob *
Rick and his mum in 1983 (from Animal Instinct)


Outside shot ++
Riding his bike ++
In his Hysteria hat ++
Mega-watt smile! ++
Very good pic! x
Amazing smile x
Is that a foot rest? x
At his kit
Black and white close up
Rick & Lars Ulrich
And another with Lars
In an ad for DW Drums
Lookin' over his shoulder at the photographer
In his Hysteria hat
Wearing a university jacket **
Same jacket as above, but different shirt
Hanging out with the bikes
Rick wearing his "Rick" shirt (Ross Halfin)
Looking serious
Candid of Steve & Rick ++
Checking how close his shave is! **
Black and white close up
Wearing headphones **
Smiling in his Hysteria T-shirt **
Rare shot of Rick in Phoenix +
Puppy dog eyes *
Rick & Steve
Rick and Mom during Hysteria tour ~
Rick and his parents during Hysteria tour *
Rick and ex-girlfriend Miriam in 1987 x
Another with Miriam >
White T-shirt
Same shot as above, 'cept he smiling here =
Rick and Ozzy in 1988 *
Showing why he's the Thunder God (The Def Leppard Story)
Posing for the picture
At his drums, looking happy
Pin-up Rick (from Animal Instinct)
This one graced a few bedroom walls...
That Phil's a meanie! *
Rick and Phil playing nice >
Smiling Away
Drumming Away ~
Looking down over his cymbals =
Live during Hysteria ~
Concentrating at his kit
Rick & Steve at play ++
Taking a breather =
Wearing sunglasses **
Wearing his hat
Autographed picture *
Sittin' on a dock
Rick & Steve live


Off Adrenalize Album
Autographed picture *
Live @
Leaning up against a wall
Lookin' good *
Sporting a jacket
Live and topless
Posing at his kit
Topless shot from Rolling Stone magazine, 1992
At a meet & greet, 1992 (photo courtesy of Beth)
Rick, Malvin and Stacy leaving the meet & greet (photo courtesy of Beth)
With the Sleaze Beez
From Classic Rock Magazine
Sav & Rick
Coming off the stage *
In a leather jacket *
In a vest *
Pretty in Pink *
Flippin' his stick
Black & White shirt *
Another from the Adrenalize era
Dark magazine shot of Rick
Nice back arch!
Outside his dressing room
Drumming in plaid shorts #
Sitting up against a wall *
"Let me show you how it's done Phil!"


Brother Rob, wife Stacy & Rick *
Rick in an interview *
Back on acoustic drums, 1995
Drumming again
Still drumming
On the Slang tour
Rick and Mom on Def Leppard Day in Sheffield, 10/95 +
Rick with Mom sweet! *
All in black
At his kit
Signing autographs
Needing a shave
Pretty big hair =
At his drums
Sittin' and smilin'
Rick with his 1995 Metal Edge award
Off the Slang album ~
"I swear it's THIS big!"
Greeting the audience
Deep in thought
Shaking hands *
Nice smile
At home
Sitting on a couch =
Frat house interview, 1996 x
Posing in his shades
Rick & Baby Lauren, 1997 *
Rick, Stacy, Lauren, and Rick's parents, 1997 *


Off the Euphoria Album
Looking serious ^
Sporting his new haircut
Rick from the back, 8/99 xx
Relaxing on yet another couch #
Playing soccer *
Live, 1999
Rick & daughter Lauren on stage, 1999 x
Rick & little Lauren from the Euphoria Tourbook *
Rick in an ad for Ahead drums
So tired *
Live in Cincinnati, 8/1/00 ~
Looking pretty sharp, 8/1/00 ~
Funny Face
Rick and Joe >
Rick on stage with daughter Lauren *
Drink in hand *
Another drink in hand *
In front of his equipment
Rick live, 2000
Rick live in Salem, Oregon 9/2/00 x
Rick saying Goodnight, 9/30/00 (Cute face!) <
Viv and Rick, Springfield, MA 9/30/00 <
"You put your left foot in..." ~
Rick putting his foot into the cement x
Rick showing how great his balance is at the Rock Walk ceremony, 9/5/00 (Yahoo)
Rick and daughter Lauren getting her hand print at Rock Walk ~
Rick and Phil posing at the Rockwalk x
Rick, Phil and Toto's Steve Lukather at the Rockwalk x


Rick and girlfriend Lauren at the Hard Rock Charity Jam, 8/30/01 "
Rick in 2002
In his leather
Rick & Phil off stage in Kansas City, 6/29/02 %
From the X Tourbook
Rick & Phil in an interview (WDHA Radio)
From Modern Drummer
Rick at his kit (Courtesy
Live in Las Vegas, 12/9/02
Live, 12/9/02
Deep in thought
Live in Phoenix "
Live in Sheffield, 2/20/03 =
Saying goodnight, Sheffield, 2/20/03 =
Smoking after a show /
At the Beacon Theater, 4/12/03
Columbus, Ohio, 6/12/03
Greeting his fans in Daytona @
Rick and his dog, Ricky
Rick and Malvin after a Raven drum circle, 8/19/03
Rick and Lauren's wedding photos, 10/10/03 (Used with the written permission of photographer)
Rick's 40th birthday, 11/1/03 (Courtesy of Raven Drum)
Black and white shot
Rick on the phone with fan Melinda, 5/15/04 (Courtesy of Melinda's husband, Jason)
At Lepcon, Las Vegas, 5/15/04 X


On the "Today" show, 5/27/05 (from
Another from "Today", 5/27/05
Live in Florida, 6/15/05 (photo by PapersunScar/Richard)
Live in concert
On stage with Sav, 6/25/05 (courtesy of Lori)
Having a laugh (courtesy of Rose)
Close up (courtesy of Rose)
Making the peace sign in Dayton, Ohio, 8/9/05 (courtesy of Valeri)
Looking a bit perplexed
Wearing his Raven Drum Union Jack shirt (courtesy of Raven Drum)
Live in Detroit, 10/23/05 (Courtesy of Connie)
Live, 10/27/05 (Courtesy of Judy)
Joe and Rick, 10/27/05 (Courtesy of Judy)
Sav and Rick, 10/27/05 (Courtesy of Judy)
On a motorcycle


From the insert of "YEAH!"
Rick and wife Lauren arriving at the VH1 Rock Honors, 5/06
Backstage at the VH1 Rock Honors
Up against a blue wall (Ross Halfin)
Leaning against a street sign (Ross Halfin)
Rick and Phil
Live, 07/07/07 (Courtesy of Connie)


In Boston, 2008
Wearing his hat (Courtesy of
Rick & wife Lauren
Outside shot
Live (
Rick conducting a drum circle on Celebrity Fit Club (Courtesy VH1)
Outside, 1999 (Ash Newell)
Lookin' pretty happy
Rick in 2010
Making a speech at the Wounded Warrier Project, 9/11/10 (courtesy of Raven Drum)
Modeling his classic On Through The Night T-shirt
Rick and his new feathered friend, 10/10 (courtesy of Raven Drum)


Rick posing with the cast of "Rock of Ages", 7/21/11(photographer Jenny Anderson)
Rick with the star of "Rock of Ages", 7/21/11(photographer Jenny Anderson)
Rick at a Wounded Warrier event, 2011
Rick at an "Amy's House" charity event, 2011


Showing off his artwork, 2012
Live, 2012 (photographer Robert Cavuoto)
Nice close up (photographer Ash Newell)
During a Q&A at the House of Blues (photographer Bob Duda)
Wearing his 2012 tour shirt


Rick posing for Yamaha, 2013 (photo courtes of Yamaha Drums)
At the display of his original post-accident drumkit in Vegas, 2013
With Eddie Trunk of "That Metal Show"
Posing in his StickRick Christmas T-shirt"
In 2014 NEW

X Courtesy of Anna
@ Courtesy of Rock of Ages
# Courtesy of Phillip
* Courtesy of Melissa
~ Courtesy of Def Leppard On Top
^ Courtesy of Luci's Leppard Lair
x Courtesy of Sally J.
* Courtesy of The Throneroom
** Courtesy of Queenie
+ Courtesy of Darren's Def Leppard Site
= Courtesy of Tina
> Courtesy of Monique
x Courtesy of Debbie
" Courtesy of Devinee
~ Courtesy of Becky
> Courtesy of Clare
< Courtesy of Lora
% Courtesy of Billie
++ Courtesy of Steve Clark Guitar
= Courtesy of Dini
xx Courtesy of Bunk
@ Courtesy of Roni
/ Courtesy of Nik

Pictures that were not scanned by me have been given credit to the person who let me borrow them. If anyone wants to use any on their site, please just ask me.