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Latest News

11/1/2013 - The baby of the band turns 50 today. Happy birthday Rick! Here's a photo of him from his 40th birtday (courtesy of Raven Drum).

9/26/2013 - Rick will be hosting a Q&A on Twitter on Friday, 9/27 at 4:00 p.m. EST. Rick's Twitter can be found here.

7/26/13- A new documentary called "Living With Def Leppard" is currently in the works. It will include footage of the band from their recent Vegas residency. No air date has been announced yet.

5/24/13 - Rick will be appearing on VH1 Classic's "That Metal Show" on June 22nd.

3/14/13 - On Thursday, March 21, Rick and the guys will be having a memorabilia unveiling exibit outside of the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, which will include the original drum kit that Rick used immediately after his accident. The next day Def Leppard will kick off their residency tour of VIVA Hysteria! at The Joint.

11/27/12 - Def Leppard has announced a nine-show residency at The Joint inside Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. The show will kick off on Friday, March 22 and run through Wednesday, April 10. The band’s set will feature a greatest hits segment in addition to "Hysteria" being played in full.

11/1/12 - Happy 49th birthday to Rick! Also, Rick was recently honored as a recipient of the Wounded Warrier's Carry Forward Award. Congratulations Rick!

7/2/12 - Rick is a nominee for the Wounded Warrier's Carry Forward Award. Click here to cast your vote for him. Voting ends 7/31/12.

3/9/12 - Rick's latest venture (showcasing his art collection)is due to be released next month. According to press release, "The collection is a breakthrough in visual arts. A new medium, Allen is translating rhythm into a visual art medium through an extensive process involving drumbeat, light, photography, and graphic design. The result is a collection of abstract imagery built directly from Allen's rhythmic prowess. And as one of the pioneers in this new medium, Allen is holding true to a lifetime of breaking barriers and new ground." Rick's art can be seen here on 04/18/12.

2/6/12 - An autobiography by Rick seems like it might be in the works as Rick recently Tweeted that he has started to write one.

6/23/11 - Tune in tonight to Rick's Resiliency Radio show. He will be the guest tonight, calling in from the road to discuss how he stays healthy while touring.

5/4/11 - You can now preorder "Mirrorball" through right here.

4/12/10 - The new single "Undefeated" from Mirrorball can now be heard! Just click here to check it out.

3/21/11 - Wonderful news for Rick and wife Lauren. They announced a new addition to their family with the birth of their daughter, Josie Caite, who was born 12/01/10.

3/2/11 - has announced that the next album release will be titled "Mirrorball". It's due out this summer and will be mainly a live album, but with three new studio tracks included as well.

2/17/11 - Rick's first Resiliency Radio show of 2011 is tonight:

11/29/10 - Rick is playing drums on the new Blazeman single called "Iron Blazeman". It's a collaboration with Mark Mason of Ampage, who Rick has worked with before. The proceeds of the song are going to the Blazeman Foundation. You can see a YouTube video for the single here:

11/1/10 - Happy birthday to Rick as he turns 47 today!

10/20/10 - A new Def Leppard book featuring photos by Ross Halfin is said to be released sometime in 2011. It will be called "Def Leppard - The Definitive Visual History."

9/17/10 - Rick has lended his drumming talents on California-based band Ampage's new album, which is titled "Don't Shoot The Wounded."

7/22/10 - According to the "Sheffield Telegraph," Rick is due to officially help open Amy's House, a respite center for children with special needs, in Sheffield, England on Saturday, July 22nd. Rick will join the Mayor of Sheffield in launching hundreds of baloons at the facility.

Here's an exerpt from the article:

"Rick Allen said: 'As someone whose life has been touched by a family member with special needs, you understand just how important a facility of this nature is in the provision of invaluable support not only to the child but also those close to them.' The volunteer-run charity helps children who suffer from a number of disabilities including ADHD, Epilepsy, Asperger's, Down's syndrome and autism."

6/17/10 - Tonight on Rick's radio show, Resiliency Radio, he will be interviewing Billy Idol. The two will talk about their traumas and overcoming them. It's on at 6:30 p.m. PST/9:30 p.m. EST at

6/14/10 - Rick has become involved with yet another charitable organization. "Amy's House" operates out of Sheffield, England and they work with special needs kids. Rick has become their first patron and you can read his statment on their website here.

2/19/10 - Rick will be hosting an interactive web radio show called "Resiliency Radio" on The show will feature live interviews with celebrity guests and professionals skilled in the areas of health, wholeness and resiliency. “Each episode will focus on a different method to find balance and well-being. Listeners will hear about various techniques and call in with questions and comments,” stated Lauren Monroe, co-founder and co-host. The show will be available at and the first show will air on February 25th, 6:30pm, PST.

2/4/10 - According to Raven Drum, Rick and wife Lauren will be on VH1's Celebrity Fit Club demonstrating a drum circle. The episode is to air this coming Monday, February 8th - so check your local times.

11/17/09 - Britain's Top 50 Unsung Heroes list is out. Rick clocks in at #40. Please click here to read the full list.

05/22/09 - Rick is scheduled to appear on Fox News "Hannity" show at 9 PM ET tonight to talk about Raven Drum.

04/06/09 - Click here to hear a new audio interview with Rick and Lauren.

01/08/09 - According to Contact Music: "The members of DEF LEPPARD are making sure bandmate RICK ALLEN's wife lands a big crowd when she performs in Los Angeles on Saturday (10Jan09). They're hitting the stage with her. Lauren Monroe's concert at The Mint will feature her drummer husband, and guitarist Vivian Campbell will support her. Allen, who produced his wife's new album, The Freedom Sessions, admits working together often takes it's toll. He says, 'She fired me on more than one occasion'."

11/01/08 - Happy Birthday to Rick as he celebrates his 45th!

6/6/08 - has compled a list of the Top 10 Greatest Drummers of All Time. Rick clocks in at #7:

1. John Bonham (Led Zeppelin)
2. Keith Moon (The Who)
3. Danny Carey (Tool)
4. Neil Peart (Rush)
5. Jimmy Chamberlin (Smashing Pumpkins)
6. Buddy Rich (baterista de jazz em big bands)
7. Rick Allen (Def Leppard)
8. Carl Palmer (Emerson, Lake & Palmer e Asia)
9. Gene Krupa (baterista de jazz em big bands)
10. Phil Collins (Genesis)

4/21/08 - According to, Rick is laid up with a bad back. You can read the full story here. Feel better soon Rick!

11/01/07 - Rick's One Hand Drum Company website is now up and running. Also, you can check out his new My Space page.

04/18/07 - Rick and wife Lauren were presented with a "Hero Award" on Sunday, March 18th in conjunction with their charity, The Raven Drum Foundation. The award is given to local organizations in Los Angeles who are making efforts to promote peace and nonviolence in the community.

10/06/06 - Def Leppard will be appearing on the Ellen Degeneres Show on next Friday the 13th.

5/2/06 - Def Leppard will be making some TV appearances this month. On Tuesday May 23rd the guys will perform on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Then on Wednesday May 31st, they will be featured on a VH1 special.

3/3/06 - According to the Official Site, Def Leppard will be teaming up with Journey for a North America tour this summer.

6/29/05 - Def Leppard is scheduled to appear this Saturday, July 2nd, on the Live 8 concert. More details can be found at the Official Site.

5/26/05 - Def Leppard will be releasing their covers album, titled "Yeah", on September 20th. Also, their greatest hits CD "Rock of Ages" clocked in at #10 on the Billboard charts this week here in the U.S., and came in at #3 in Canada.

4/22/05 - Def Leppard will be making an appearance on the "Today" show on May 27. Then, on June 30, the band is scheduled to perform on "Live! With Regis & Kelly".

4/1/05 - Def Leppard is scheduled to appear on Rockline radio show on Wednesday, May 25th. They will be interviewed and will also take questions from the listening audience.

3/7/05 - Official dates for a tour this summer are beginning to roll in at the Official Site. Bryan Adams will be accompanying Def Leppard on many dates.

9/17/04 - On October 25th, Def Leppard's latest CD "SUPER VAULT" will hit the United States, and will replace the band's current greatest hits collection, "VAULT." In addition to that, a new video compilation will be released entitled "BEST OF DEF LEPPARD" and will include both old and new videos. Complete details of the releases can be found at the Official Site.

8/6/04 - According to Billboard, "Pyromania" was certified at the diamond level last month. Def Leppard won the Diamond Award for "Hysteria" in the past as well.

6/11/04 - There is a new book out on Def Leppard that includes photos of many historical places associated with the band, like some of the homes they grew up in, old pubs they first played in, the site of Rick's accident, etc. You can check out the book's website here.

5/14/04 - VH1 will be airing a show called "100 Most Metal Moments" and Rick Allen clocks in at #10 on the list for his return to the band after the loss of his arm. The show will air on May 31st at 10:00 p.m. according to

3/11/04 - An on line petition has been formed for fans who are interested in a DVD release containing old and rare footage of the band. To view the petition and/or sign, follow the link here.

1/15/04 - Brentwood Home Video is releasing a DVD of Def Leppard that is said to include some interviews and other material. as well as are selling the video, which is due to be released on February 10, 2004.

11/28/03 - Rick celebrates his 25th year as the drummer for Def Leppard today. Happy Anniversary to you Rick!

11/1/03 - The baby of the band turns 40 years old today. Have a very, very happy birthday Rick.

10/10/03 - Congratulations to Rick and Lauren as they marry today in California. Wishing them all the happiness in the world in their lives together.

9/19/03 - Rick's Raven Drum is currently holding some auctions for those of you on the west coast. You can check out the auction here.

9/3/03 - Def Leppard will appear on Access Hollywood tonight, so check your local TV guide for time and station.

8/15/03 - According to, the band is planning on releasing a live compilation album, a 25th Anniversary box set, and have plans to hit the studio in January to begin recording of their next album.

Also, Rick's Raven Drum Foundation has taken their drum circles on the road with Def Leppard. Passes are being auctioning off for the following shows: Boston, Albany, Atlantic City, and Allentown. Check out the auction here to get in on the drum circles and help support Rick and his charity work.

7/27/03 - Congradulations are in order for Rick and his fiancee Lauren. They have an October 10th, 2003 wedding date scheduled that will be held in California with friends and family. Best wishes to you Rick and Lauren!

7/1/03 - Brightstar is holding an auction which will benefit Rick's Raven Drum Foundation. You can check out the auction from here.

5/20/03 - Rick's daughter Lauren celebrates her sixth birthday today. Happy Birthday to her!

1/24/03 - According to the January newsletter of Raven Drum, Rick states that the band will soon be filming the video for Long, Long Way to Go, and resuming their tour dates in the U.S. in mid March.

1/7/03 - Some good news and some bad news. First the good news. On January 14th, some live concert footage recently shot will be incorporated into the storyline of Hidden Hills, an NBC show that airs at 9:30 p.m.

The bad news is that wildfires have been burning in Malibu, which is where Rick currently lives. Hopefully Rick and his home will be okay. Property can be replaced, but not people, so best of luck to Rick and his neighbors.

11/1/02 - Rick celebrates his 39th birthday today. Have a very happy birthday Rick!

8/19/02 - Modern Drummer has the first of a two part interview with Rick.

8/9/02 - X ranked in as the 11th best selling CD on Billboard's chart this week.

7/30/02 - Today is X's release date in the United States. The band's tenth studio album is now available in stores.

7/10/02 - Def Leppard will be playing for the Queen tomorrow in Leeds, England along with some other performers.

7/2/02 - has a track by track review of X, giving it a 98 out of 100% rating.

7/1/02 - According to the Satelite of Love, Rick has been given credit for co-writing 12 of the 14 tracks appearing on X.

5/30/02 - Rick's bass drum has exchanged hands for the price of $5,800. Congradulations to the winner and to Raven Drum, who I'm sure will be putting the money to good use.

5/26/02 - Rick's bass drum has been re-listed on Ebay. It's currently standing at $2,550 as of Sunday morning. The auction will end on Wednesday, May 29th. You can view how the auction is going here.

5/22/02 - According to, the release dates for X will be as follows:

UK and International release, July 29
United States and Canada release, July 30
Japanese release, July 24