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Make-A-Wish: Teen meets idol, Def Leppard's Rick Allen, 7/28/12 NEW
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X Marks The Spot!
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Local Drummer Meets His Hero, 2/15/00
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Def Dad: An Interview with Rick Allen, 1997
What So and So Sez: An Interview with Rick Allen, 1996
Sound of One Hand Drumming, 1996
Drug-Free Rocker Changes His Ways, 1996
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At Home With Rick Allen, Part II
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Wired For Sound, 1987
One Bunch of Happy Cats, 1987
Ricky's Story, 8/12/87
Let There Be Def, 7/87
Richard Allen - How He Does It, a description of Rick's electronic kit.
Dutch Courage, 4/85
Def Leppard Rocked by Car Crash, 1985
Rick's Accident, 1985
Drummer Rick Allen Injured, 1/85