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Odds & Ends

Copy of Rick's birth certificate %
The Infamous Shaving Cream Picture (off the High 'N Dry album) x
Rick in a 1983 Ludwig advertisement
Newspaper clipping of Rick's overturned car
Rick's autographed drumsticks
Pencil drawing of Rick %
Kerrang comic strip featuring Rick, 9/87
Rick on the cover of Modern Drummer, 3/88 ~
Diagram of Rick's drum set up, 1988
Rick on the cover of "Ability Magazine," 1989
Cover of Rolling Stone, 1992
Rick's autograph and cartoon of himself
Dollar bill from Chicago New Years Eve show, 12/31/99 x
"Then & Now" (1976 & 1999)
13 year old Justin and his essay/poster on his hero, Rick Allen
Rick "moonlighting" with the Mark Mason Project, 6/00 %
2000 Concert Fair Rider
Handprints of the band on the Rockwalk *
A few promo shots from the Hysteria Movie (VH1)
Rick & Phil at Rock Star premiere, 9/4/01
Autograph by Rick with a slightly different caricature, 2002 +
Autographed drumstick and card by Rick, 2002 #
Autographed copy of Vault by Rick, 2003 =
Collage of Rick @
Santa Rick x
Rick's dog, "Ricky", Christmas 2004 (Used with the permission of Raven Drum)
Rick & wife Lauren receiving the "Hero Award" in LA on 3/18/07
Melt Magazine cover of Rick & wife Lauren, 5/09
A StickRick pencil holder, 2012
Rick's original drumkit postaccident on display in Vegas, 2013 NEW

% Courtesy of Sally J.
x Courtesy of Angela
* Courtesy of Gemma
+ Courtesy of Brittany
# Courtesy of Devinee
@ Courtesy of Leesha
x Courtesy of Becia
= Courtesy of Melissa