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Welcome to Our Homepage

Darryl Murray  Paul Cherwonick Luke Maloney Andy Wolff

From this page you can explore every aspect of our musical career.  As time goes on, this page will be updated.


About the Band - Here is a little information on us and what we do.

Singles and Albums -

This all the music that we have released so far, as well as providing detailed information of each recording.  Check out the new songs from our latest release, "RESINATOR BLUES".

Songs On MySpace.com

Check our other songs from our new album as well as our previous ones..

Cover Tunes- Here's a list of songs we perform by other bands.

Live Performances This Year and Next- Here's where The Resinators have performed this year and where they will be performing next.
Live Performances Of Past Years- Here's a historical perspective of where The Resinators have performed .

Dark Lager's Webpage - A page that provides a link to a Resinator song that has a strong CCR influence, as well as a Creedence Clearwater Revival page!

If you have any comments or questions, e-mail us at