july 16th, 2001
ranch bowl
in this order:
syst-new band in omaha, come support 'em!
caught in the fall
more than likely it will be $5 @ 8 p.m. it should be a great show! hope to see you there.

july 2nd, 2001
antelope park, LINCOLN, ne
free of charge!
full line up is as follows:
Nottadoxy 4:00-4:30
Straight Outta Junior High 4:42-5:12
Anti-Depressant 5:24-5:54
The Leftovers 6:06-6:36
Jank1000 6:48-7:18
Jv All*Stars 7:30-8:00
8th Wave 8:12-9:00
not exactly our type of show to be playing, but it should be fun either way! come out and check us out!!

may 4th, 2001
we are once again playing in fun lincoln at the havelock social hall 6212 platte ave). thanks to erika from anti-depressant for setting up the show. please come down, we're playing with a bunch of super-fantastic bands and we need a lot of support because shelly's dog recently died and she just needs a hug. so please, at least come and give her a hug for god sakes.
playing with:
jank$800 (or however you prefer to call them)
JV Allstars
not sure on amount of tickets. starts at 5:30.

april 20, 2001
the asylum...one year anniversary of the day we began to suck...it's going to be one hell of a show because katie will be naked (not really, but it's a good bribe) but there is a lot of bands playing that night. once we actually know the bands that will be playing, they will be up shortly.
$5.00, starts at 5.

march 3rd, 2001
joyo theatre...our first show in lincoln
the hot carls may play a shortened set
show starts at 9
price is $6. this includes our show and immediately following is rocky horror picture show at midnight.
does it get any better than men in drag? c'mon.

february 24th, 2001
twelve tribes
omen tide
system failure
caught in the fall
show starts at 5:30
price is $6. we were added to this show last minute. please come and support the show, the money all goes to saving the cog factory's roof.

click here to view every show that we have played in the past. almost every one is in there.