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3.04.01--nottadoxy rocked the joyo theatre last evening with the hot carls and hawthorn. the girls were not used to the equipment and ended up not playing their full set because they could not hear each other. pictures are already up and there are about thirty new photos. please check them out when you have the time. nottadoxy did not stick around for the rocky horror picture show because they needed to get back to omaha before it got too late, but they would like to once again thank the hot carls and the joyo.
the next planned nottadoxy show is on april 20th at the asylum with a bunch of other bands. other shows might come up, but the girls are going to practice a lot and try and reformat.
nik would just like to thank everybody for the kind words on the work he has done with the site recently. he is going to continue working on this site until erin takes over the workload. he is also doing his bands site, caught in the fall. if you have any ideas for the site, just put them right in the guestbook or on the message board. thank you.

2.25.01--nottadoxy played with 12 tribes, dellamorte and caught in the fall last evening. they played a brand new song which was truly beautiful and wonderful and really got the crowds attention. the whole band just really seemed to come together and play a truly tight set. all of the other bands played wonderfully also and nottadoxy thanks them for letting them play the show.
the next show is at the joyo theater on 3.03.01 and will be with hawthorn. please come out and watch the bands and stay after for the rocky horror picture show being acted out alongside the movie.
new pictures are up in the images section.
also new to the site is a news archive. this just basically has everything that was here in the year 2000. a lot of it is interesting, so if you like to keep up with nottadoxy, read up. the link is up at the top of the page.

2.22.01--the site is slowly coming together and is going to be completely new all in due time. it is just going through a format change to compliment the band.
in shows, the band has been added to the twelve tribes show at the cog on 2.24.01 in place of mortality fixation and bellicose having to drop off. the show is a benifit to help repair the roof. please come out and show your support for omaha's greatest music venue. thank you.

2.20.01--there will be new pictures up very soon. the show at the joyo is in a few weeks. new songs are being written and old ones are being retired.

1.22.01--Matt quit the band. There are no hard feelings or anything. Thanks Matt for all the memories and thanks for being with us since the beginning. You have been a major impact on us and you will be missed.
If you only know what's going on through this website Matt drummed for us for quite some time. Then he left to regroup with Alter-Ego. Then we asked him to play guitar for us because our other try outs didn't work as well as we hoped. He has been in the band playing guitar for about three months or so. But we're going to be regrouping and maybe getting a different guitarist. We'll keep you posted on what's going on with that though.