we have not practiced in months and haven't played a show since july of 2001. our fans were few but beloved. our fans is what helped us continue to play, but in the end we needed more than just that.

our lives have changed immensely within the past six months and with so much change it was hard to keep up with one another. it really wasn't personal issues that caused this, it was more of falling apart.
we know we weren't the biggest local band, but that never stopped us. we loved to play and that was the reason we played. a huge appreciation for any of our fans, friends, and other supporters throughout the two years we have been together. we had many fun times and great memories were shared in all of our lives.
i know this page won't mean a lot to most, but i'm sure it means a lot to the other members and that's why i made it. i really enjoyed playing with ragdolls and nottadoxy, and we all have some wonderful memories that we will keep with us throughout all of our life. thank you for being a part of my life so much and i sincerly hope that our friendships don't fall apart like this band did.

the pictures in this collage are pictures that range from ragdolls days, to when matt left and erin joined, to days with matt playing second guitar, to the most recent line-up. i hope you all enjoy them and thank you all again for caring. feel free to leave some messages in this guestbook.