individual biographies: katie, kristel, erin, shelly.

the band biography:

Long time ago, in a far away land called Matt's Basement, Shelly, Matt, and Kristel began pretending like they had talent and started a band. Matt, who had never played drums before, was on drums and picked up in, oh, the five-minute range. They were called Fatal Vial. Soon, Katie frolicked in saying in a somewhat Full House way "I'm tired of playing guitar on my floor and making up a million songs. Hey, let's start a band bitches." So henceforth, they were a band. Woo!

Between their jobs working at the fast food restaurants and people showing up every other minute of band practice, they managed to make a somewhat of an attempt of what people call “music”. Their first song was called “Fallen Angel” which was a typical love song that consisted of about two riffs. Shelly was the main singer and soon Katie made all the songs and sang for them after that and they changed their name to the oh-so-generic name Ragdolls.

And then…a miracle happened. They had a show in the basement of Dudas. The show consisted of about ten minutes of pure crap, and it was heaven. They had another show at the Ranch Bowl and they threw out tampons, suckers, and condoms (which made everyone think they were whores, which they are NOT). The show sucked, but it was Matt’s fault.

Blah, blah, blah, more happened. They played at Test-fest and had a gay ol’ time and shockingly there was a large crowd that stuck around. During this time, in the shadows, emerged Erin who had gone to many of their shows and was their only fan. They scared her at school and told her she was going to play drums since Matt’s main interest was in his other band, Alter-Ego . So they took Matt to an abandoned building in the middle of downtown Ralston and began practicing at Kristel's basement. They had Claire as an amazing guitarist, but she had to leave and Katie cried in the corner in the fetal position for days. Weeks later, they came back for him because they then needed another guitarist. Then later, Matt fell into a terrible accident with the Taco Bell dog and died. Not really, he quit. (*ASS!*) Now Katie, Shelly, Erin, and Kristel are taking on a four-piece band and changed their name to Nottadoxy in hopes to hide their "Ragdoll past" but they still suck...stay tuned. Same bat time, same bat channel for the continuation of the saga.