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Here's just about everything you'd want to know about Pantera from 1983-2000. Enjoy!

1983- Pantera is formed by founding members "Diamond" Darrell
Abbott, his brother Vinnie and their friend Rex Brown. At the
time the lead singer of the band is Terry Glaze. The band
releases their first independent album titled METAL MAGIC.

1984- Pantera releases their second independent album titled

1985- Pantera releases their third independent album titled

1988- Through the release of three successful independent albums,
the band became progressively heavier and to complete their
direction the added "the original circus freak" Philip Anselmo.
With Philip, the band recorded their most successful independent
album titled POWER METAL. The album, combined with their
incredible live shows, gained Pantera a large underground
following worldwide.

1990- Pantera signs with Atco, a division of EastWest records
and releases COWBOYS FROM HELL produced by Terry "Rope King"
Date. The album breaks new ground with its own style and
direction. Incorporating raw and aggressive energy with
their polished songwriting and emphasising their trademark
"Power Groove", COWBOYS FROM HELL is a worldwide success.

1991- COWBOYS FROM HELL-THE VIDEOS is released and the band
performs at the "Monsters of Rock" show in Moscow, Russia.
The show is quoted as being Pantera's most memorable concert

1992- VULGAR DISPLAY OF POWER is released! "Mouth For War"
from the album was the first metal single EVER to debut at #1-
beating Metallica's "Enter Sandman", while the album topped
the U.S. metal charts for weeks on end. Critics are unanimous
in their enthusiasm...Guitar World raved "Anselmo sings with
the fury of a post office psycho" and the Village Voice
called Pantera an "angry, cantankerous, ferally aggressive
band that channels all the free-floating rage of their
environment into a murderous metallic growl."
1993- Pantera's first headliner tour of the UK begins.
Pantera releases its second full length home video,
titled VULGAR VIDEO. Band members prepare to record the
new album. VULGAR DISPLAY OF POWER turns gold; the
first Pantera album to do so.

1994- After the tour, Pantera records their new album
in 6 weeks, titled FAR BEYOND DRIVEN. "It's fucking heavy!"
quotes Philip. In March, FAR BEYOND DRIVEN is released
debuting at No. 1 on the Australian and U.S. album
charts simultaneously. The world tour begins.

1996- Due to the musical climate not being conducive to
heavy music, Pantera went against the grain and made the
fuckin heaviest record ever in 1996, titled THE GREAT
SOUTHERN TRENDKILL. "Heavy music is alive and
well, Pantera moves on forward unscarred and unaffected
by the trends."

1997- Pantera releases a live album titled OFFICIAL LIVE:
101 PROOF. Members of the band personally picked live
songs which they felt represented the band best and
added two new studio recordings to the mix.
Pantera also releases their third home video titled 3:
WATCH IT GO!!! The video includes over 2 hours of music
videos, concert footage, band and crew members, everything!

1999- Pantera makes many tours with countless bands. The
band also releases a DVD titled 3 VULGAR VIDEOS FROM HELL.
It contains all 3 full-length home videos plus bonus
footage from the Monsters of Rock show in Moscow. The
much awaited 10th album is delayed until early 2000.

2000- Pantera's long-awaited tenth album, titled
REINVENTING THE STEEL, is released on March 21,
debuting at #4 on the US Billboard charts. The band
then starts their international tour on April 17 in
Europe, then tour the US in the fall as part of the Ozzfest tour.