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Some things you might not know about Trent


He appeared in a film called Light of Day in 1987. The film stared Michael J Fox. It is basically about someone trying to make it big in the music world and also about relationships. Trent has a very small role but it's still interesting to see him. He plays the keyboardist for a fictitious band called "The Problems".



Trent lent his vocal talents to a Tori Amos song called Past The Mission, from the album Under The Pink. He provides backing vocals for the chorus, and gives the song a great texture and fullness.



Trent Reznor helped make a 20 minute short movie, Broken, to promote the EP. It was never released, for reasons that you'll understand as you read on.

Here are two comments I found describing it:

this movie is a 20 minute music video by nine inch nails, created for the cd "broken". it consists of 5 of the 7 songs on the CD; 3 of those songs are the original videos submitted for mtv, while the others are specific to the video itself. It brutally details a man who is kidnapped and tortured while being forced to watch nine inch nails videos, and the fate of the kidnapper. Incredibly violent; this movie was never even submitted for release because of the graphic violence and gore; however, it can be found on the Internet, and bootleg copies are still floating about. a rare treasure for hardcore NIN fans.


I actually own a bootleg of this video, and I can tell you that when my friend handed me the copy he'd made, being the loyal NIN fan that I was (and still am), I rushed home, not knowing what I was in store for. Two of my friends and I sat there as the "Happiness in Slavery" video unfolded in front of us, and, while as sick as we were from that, the finale set to the music of "Gave Up" left us in a state of utter shock. We sat there, mouths gaping open, skin pale, looking at each other blankly. Alas, I've forced myself to watch the video time and time again, mostly while watching it with people who haven't seen it (it usually comes up in one of those "you ain't seen gross, man" conversations). Although extremely graphic, there is a subtle (and i use the term loosely) eroticism in the acts, both in the "H.I.S." video and in the finale of the disgusts you, yet some morbid curiosity about the nature of torture and death keeps you glued to the set. Relief comes when the "killer" is finally hanged, but the viewer is still left pondering the authenticity of the video...IT JUST LOOKS TOO REAL!!! In other words....after seeing this video, you'll swear off of Italian food and red meat for a solid week at the very least.

Having seen it, I'd have to agree.



Erased, Over, Out

Track 11 on Further Down the Spiral (US), can be played on fast forward and you'll hear Trent say what seems to be "Erase Me". I'm not 100% sure on that, but it's probably true. Why not listen for yourself and see.




Closer (precursor), from Halo 9, is played during the opening credits of the movie Se7en. While the music is playing, we see the hands of the killer cutting out letters from books and magazines on a stormy night. Se7en is a great film which is worth watching for the intro alone. The DVD version of Se7en will contain an in-depth analysis of the intro.




In "Sanctified", during the instrumental preceding the final verse, you will hear a very quiet voice in the background. It is a sample from Oliver Stone's 'Midnight Express', one of Trent's favorite movies.

The sample is of the main character writing a letter: "Dear Mom and Dad, this is the hardest letter I've ever had to write. I'd hoped somehow to get out of this quickly so that you'd never have to know about it, but that just isn't possible now. I don't know what's going to happen, but what can I say to you? Will 'I'm sorry' make a difference? Will it ease the pain? The shame you must be feeling? Forgive me. Please."

(taken from the nin faq)



On The Subject...

If you play it loud enough, you can hear, "The best thing about knowing you put it all together", in the first twenty seconds of A Warm Place.



Mr Self Destruct

On this track, from The Downward Spiral, Trent can be heard to say, "I am an exit".

"...On the Mr. Self Destruct song, I don't think he's saying "I am an exit". It's close, though. the last word is longer than what it would take to say
"exit". I think it sounds more like, "I am an innocent." Who really knows?"

From Pianoman48. I have to say that I'm leaning towards the second interpretation, just sounds right.



The Fan

On the film The Fan, at least one NIN song is featured, but is absent from the Soundtrack. Update: This film was recently shown on TV, so i took the time to watch it and see exactly what NIN songs feature, and I have the answer... A LOT. I noted them down while watching and let just say I didn't have to wait too long before grabbing my pen again. The Art Of Self Destruct Parts 1, 2 and maybe 3 feature numerous times. And the film also features the remixes of Closer, including Precursor.

Thanks to HillOchez7676



Bowie Cameo

On Further Down The Spiral, The Art of Self Destruction Part 2, David Bowie appears near the end. He keeps repeating the words, "Falls wanking to the floor" at time 4:31.

Thanks to HillOchez7676



Erased, Over, Out

In the last 30 seconds, Trent can be heard saying something, most likely backwards. I haven't checked it yet, but someone has guessed at, "it's scary". If you have any insight, let me know.

Mari has mailed me will another suggestion as to what is being said here: "i'm scary". This also fits quite nicely, so I'm not too sure on this one.

thanks Mari



Final Destination

"The movie Final Destination features the song Into the Void, although I don't know if it's included in the
soundtrack. There's a scene where one of the guys is driving a car and is listening to that song."

From eZL

Thanks to eZL, jory and Chelsea for that one



Now I'm down in it...

"When nin was making there video for down in it, for one of the effects the camera had to be lifted up with a balloon, well on the effect the string holding the camera and balloon down broke and it floated away into the sky, about a week later a farmer found it in his field, he took it home shoved in in his vcr and just about crapped his pants, he thought it was a snuff movie, becuse of one of the videos scenes, had trent laying helpless on the ground with corn starch on his face, and if you look closely on only the closure video version of down in it, you can see that scene"

From jory

Thanks again jory



Sometimes I think that I could.... Burn!

The video to Burn, from the NBK sountrack can be found on the Laser Disc version of the film. When the NBK DVD was made, they left the video off.



Come closer...

The words Trent says during the quite part of Closer are: Above the forest, through the trees, within my stomach, scraped of my knees, I drink the honey, inside your hive, you are the reason, I stay alive.

Thanks Heather




"It is rumored that Trent Reznor produced a Melvins album called Prick. Buzz Ozbourn, lead singer and guitarist of the Melvins can be seen in the Closer video. The part where they are back stage thrashing up the place trying to knock down an exit sign. Buzz is the man with the big fro."

From LeMaximonstre, thanks




I'm always trying to add to this, so check back for more trivia, or if I'm missing something, contact me.