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Results of previous polls taken:

BEST NIN SONG: (Poll received 52 votes before closing).

Hurt - 25%
Closer - 21%
The Perfect Drug - 9%
Other - 9%
Something I Can Never Have - 7%
The Wretched - 7%
Somewhat Damaged - 7%
Starfuckers Inc. - 3%
Happiness In Slavery - 3%
Where is Everybody? - 3%


I expected The Perfect Drug to do better, but it's hard to pick just one best song.



FAVOURITE TRENT RELATED CD: (Poll received 60 votes before closing)

Pretty Hate Machine - 16%
Broken - 13%
Closer To God - 3%
Futher Down The Spiral - 1%
Lost Highway Soundtrack - 1%
Fixed -0%
Natural Born Killers Soundtrack - 0%

Mr Reznor may have said that The Fragile was by far his best work, but a lot of you disagree. I expected it to be close, I myself would have trouble choosing between two of the greatest albums ever made.



FAVOURITE NIN MEMBER/ASSOCIATE: (Poll received 205 votes before closing)

Robin Finck (26%)
Charlie Clouser (21%)
Danny Lohner (20%)
Chris Vrenna (13%)
Jerome Dillon (7%)
Leo Herrera (4%)
Alan Moulder (2%)
Keith Hillebrandt (2%)

Well done Mr Finck. Personally I would have liked Clouser to win, but to be beaten by Robin is the best way to lose.



DEEP POLL: (Poll received 195votes before closing)

Amazing, NIN at their best! (47%)
Good, but not great (40%)
Average (4%)
Disappointing (6%)

Well, looks like the people are on a whole, happy with Trent's new material. I think it is a very good song, blending a lot of previous styles. It would fit nicely somewhere between the Downward Spiral and The Fragile. And it doesn't sound too overproduced.