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Nine Inch Nails:

Nine Inch Nails - The official site includes exclusive video clips, sounds, pics and more

Painful Convictions - Probably the best NIN fan site. Very comprehensive

Smashed Up Sanity - RIP - It may be gone, but the other sites on the network remain.

The NIN Hotline
- Site with news, archived media and articles, and the mighty Meathead Perspectives

Nine Inch Nails Net - Downloads, Seems Like Salvation news, a forum and more

Rusty Nails - Great site, has everything, especially good for tabs

Absence of Faith - Large fan site with a useful NIN encyclopedia

Burning Souls - Nice layout, good content, videos, lyrics, etc

The Perfect Drug - Very nice site, original content, and a great design

Denial, Guilt and Fear - Cool fan site with lots of original content.

Trent Reznor:

Check out the two fan sites above for more on Trent. There aren't many "Trent" pages per se, rather NIN sites, which is one reason I made this site.

For a more light-hearted and odd site on Trent, try The Official Anti Facial Hair on Trent page

Allison's Picture Page - Mad 'stalker' who took pics of Trent's house and other pics


Band Members:

Finck Tank ~ Think Finck!

Remix Files: Charlie Clouser

Jerome Dillon

Danny Lohner

Chris Vrenna - It's been a while, but he's still a cool musician



So You've Decided To Be Evil - A step-by-step guide to joining the Forces of Darkness, not some Satan Worshipping page but an amusing look at the clichés of good and evil. Just take a look and you'll see what I mean.

Marilyn Manson - The official Marilyn Manson page.

The Sampling Zone - With the help from this site, you could become the next Trent Reznor! Unlikely - yes, but it's still interesting and worth a look if you're interested in making music1

Nothing Records - Finally, the much anticipated (and delayed) site opens.

Object Merchandise - Check out for loads of band stuff.


To buy NIN stuff, try Amazon (Cool, even if just for the reviews, high praise for all NIN CDs of course), CD Now, or your local music store if you feel like getting out.