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Chris Vrenna

Chris drummed for NIN on the Self Destruct Tour, leaving the band afterwards. He left on good terms and worked with Trent many times after leaving. Chris Vrenna edited on Pretty Hate Machine. He drummed on Broken and The Downward Spiral. He worked on Fixed, Closer to God, Lost Highway and the Natural Born Killers soundtrack with Trent.


Tori Amos

A child prodigy, see played the piano throughout her childhood. She has made such albums as "Under the Pink" and "Little Earthquakes". Tori and Trent share a mutual respect for each others work and Tori asked Trent to do backing vocals for a song on Under the Pink - Past the Mission. It's a very good song, it's just a shame Trent didn't appear in the video. Despite rumours, there appears to be no intimate relationship between them, but then again, it's none of your business ;-)

Check the Trent/Tori conspiracy for info. Find it on this site


Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson first met Trent during an interview for 5th Parallel, a music mag that Manson worked for. Trent asked Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids to open for him for a few shows. They jumped at the opportunity. Trent signed them in '92 to his label and nutured their talents to help Marilyn Manson become what they are now.

After the Self Destruct tour, Manson and Trent had fallen out. In Manson's autobiography, Long Hard Road Out Of Hell, he said that Trent had shitty taste in women and other malicious things. Sporadic shots at each other were found in interviews and other press, until now.

On May 5th, NIN played Madison Square Gardens. During Starfuckers inc. as Trent said, 'I bet you think this song is about you, don't you...' who else but Mr Manson appeared on stage!. The crowd went mad, and after a pause, the song went on with Manson singing. Manson was sporting classic black, goth-style clothes, good to see him back to his old self. After Starfuckers inc. they played The Beautiful People! An amazing scene.

Well, they are back on good terms now, so I have put Manson here.

Daisy May
The love of Trent's life, Daisy likes licking him and being led on a leash: she is of course Trent's dog. She has a very nice, shiney coat, that's about all I know of Daisy.


Charlie Clouser

Clouser is a master remixer and keyboardist for Nine Inch Nails. Charlie has also worked with Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson. He has remixed for NIN, Zombie and Deftones. One of my favorite Clouser remixes would have to be Ruiner (Version), more of a remake than a remix. He joined NIN in '94 for the Mr Self Destruct tour. Clouser worked on The Fragile with Trent for two years, he's probably closer to Trent than any other band member. Clouser is part of the Tapeworm project. Hoping to release some material in the next few months, Clouser describes Tapeworm as "an ongoing thorn in my side", but with such an amazing line-up, it should be worth the trouble and wait.

The best thing about Clouser is that he plays a theramin!

Check out the Remix Files for more info on Charlie Clouser.


Here are some of Trent's friends and associates:












Jerome Dillon


Dillon is the newest addition to NIN. He worked with Howlin' Maggie for four years and then went on to work on soundtracks. After The Fragile was released, Dillon auditioned for the band for the Fragility tour and is now the new drummer for NIN, replacing Chris Vrenna.










Danny Lohner




Guitarist mainly, Lohner has been with NIN for 6 years, also participating in the Mr Self Destruct Tour. He is also an accomplished keyboardist and bassist. He worked on The Fragile, and like Clouser has worked with Rob Zombie. Lohner has also tried his hand at remixing, and he's quite good, coming up with Complication of the Flesh, the remix of Complication. Danny has an interesting relationship with A Perfect Circle. He has appeared onstage with them on tour and on TV. He remixed Judith for their next single but was not happy with it and it was never released. For Clouser and Lohner, playing with Zombie again is an option for the future.










Guitarist for NIN, joined them for the Mr Self Destruct tour. After that he left and took on some projects, such as working with Guns N' Roses. He came back for the Fragility Tour. Finck is one of the more bizarre and colourful characters in NIN. He is now back on tour with Guns N' Roses.

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Robin Finck