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Offical Nine Inch Nails Releases:

Halo 1 - Down In It ~ Single

Halo 2 Pretty Hate Machine ~ First NIN Album

Halo 3 - Head Like a Hole ~ Maxi Single

Halo 4 - Sin ~ Single

Halo 5 - Broken ~ EP

Halo 6 - Fixed ~ EP

Halo 7 - March of the Pigs ~ 2 Part, 2-CD single (UK). 1-CD US version

Halo 8 The Downward Spiral ~ Second Album

Halo 9 - Closer to God ~ Maxi Single. UK single version - 2 CD

Halo 10 - Further Down the Spiral ~ EP (2 versions available)

Halo 11 - The Perfect Drug Versions ~ Maxi Single

Halo 12 - Closure ~ 2-Video pack, 1 contains all NIN videos up to and including The Downward Spiral, the other contains live and behind-the-scenes footage. Not released outside the US

Halo 13 - The Day The World Went Away ~ First single from The Fragile

Halo 14 The Fragile ~ Third NIN Album

Halo 15 - We're In This Together ~ 3 Part, 3 CD-singles


Halo 16 Things Falling Apart ~ Remixes of Fragile tracks, plus Metal and The Great Collapse.




Natural Born Killers Includes Burn, Something I Can Never Have (remix) and A Warm Place. Trent also put the soundtrack together.


Lost Highway Includes Videodrones; Questions by Trent, not accredited to NIN, Driver Down also credited to Trent and, of course, The Perfect Drug


The Crow Features Dead Souls, a cover of the Joy Division song




Trent Reznor - Star Profile ~ From 1999, includes a 100 page booklet.

Nine Inch Nails: Interview Disc ~ From 1995

Maximum Nine Inch Nails ~ From 2000.

An Uncensored Biography of Nine Inch Nails - Biography with interviews



Purest Feeling ~ Recorded in 1988


  1. slate
  2. sanctified
  3. maybe just once
  4. the only time
  5. kinda i want to
  6. that's what i get
  7. purest feeling
  8. twist
  9. down in it


Woodstock '94 ~ Recorded live at "Woodstock 2"


  1. terrible lie
  2. sin
  3. march of the pigs
  4. something i can never have
  5. closer
  6. reptile
  7. wish
  8. suck
  9. burn
  10. the only time
  11. down in it
  12. dead souls
  13. help me i am in hell
  14. happiness in slavery
  15. head like a hole



Other Works :

Fisted ~ contains the Closer single parts 1 and 2. Parts 1 and 2 of the March of the Pigs single. Fixed, buttons and a T-shirt

Tori Amos' Under The Pink ~ Trent guest vocals on track 4, Past The Mission

David Bowie's I'm Afraid of Americans ~ Remixed by Trent, also, I'm very sure Trent sings in the chorus

Marilyn Manson's Antichrist Superstar ~ Trent produced this album. He wrote and played on some tracks too

Quake - Soundtrack ~ Trent and NIN composed all the music for ID's game, Quake

Puff Daddy's Victory ~ Trent remixed this to an instumental. But why did he work with Puff Daddy?

1000 Homo DJ's Supernaut ~ Trent does vocals for this cover of Black Sabbath's Supernaut