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Uwe Fahrenkrog-Petersen

Jörn-Uwe Fahrenkrog-Petersen, keyboards and songwriter, born in Berlin on March 10th, 1960. Uwe has a brother Lutz (2 years younger), who played with Nena, usually just on tour. His all family lives in Berlin.

Uwe was in band called "Odessa" in 1980 with Jürgen, (still searching for infos on that band).

He joined Nena in 1981 to 1987.

Uwe dated different Americans girls, Apollonia was the first that I know of, where he moved in New York after Nena, as a band, split.

He formed a band called VoodooX, played live in NY and recorded some songs, the band split, he went back to Berlin.

I searched a bit and here is what I found. 4 Uwe links, VoodooX infos, Uwe himself old and latest news (I tried to translate the 2 interviews to Uwe, sorry about my German, don't mind the mistakes), and a pic of Uwe with his wife. (This one is very recent). Check them out!

Uwe latest infos - Or you can read the English version of it by clicking here.
Uwe infos - Or click here for the english version
Uwe & wife
Uwe Interviews

News as 7/24/01 : Uwe seemed to be working on a project with Nena, not sure if any of his work will be in Nena's upcoming Album.

Vital Stats
Zodiac sign : Pisces
Height : 1,86cm (about 6')
Eyes color : Blue
Hair color : Blonde