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Jürgen Dehmel
Jürgen Dehmel, bassist, songwriter and producer, born in Berlin on August 12th, 1958. He has a brother Karl-Heinz (3 years older).
Jürgen was married to Nena sister, Christiane, from 85 to 87. Christiane was a nurse in an hospital in Berlin. Jürgen and Christiane don't have any children but after they split up she had a daughter, Lisa born april 89.

Uwe was the one to bring him to join the band Nena in 1981 till 1987. Jürgen and Uwe played together (before join Nena) in a band called "Odessa", I am still searching for info on Odessa, so keep checking for more news.

Nena and Jürgen produced a band the "Time Boys" back in 86 under the name of JD and Susie K. They do continue to collaborate together. He helped Nena with her solo-albums and he also write songs and produce soundtrack movies in Germany.
He usually work in his Home Built Studio.

He toured with Nina Hagen a lot of times back in the 80's. He kept touring with Nena till 1997.

In 1998/99, he co-wrote 3 songs with Ilonka Breitmeyer for a German popstar, Tinka. The songs are never being released though. Click here to check the songs out. In 2000 Jürgen dedicated himself to create a website on Ilonka, check out his work!! The recent news is that Jürgen is officially out of the music business and taking care only of his family. He has a new wife, Ilonka and a 7 years old son, Robin. Check Jürgen's approved website for more info.


News as 7/24/01 : and Jürgen is "retired and doing nothing" except taking care of his family. So Jürgen seems to be out of the music scene. He did a website on his "wife" Ilonka, last October 2000. From what I heard he apparently has a 7 years old son, Robin. Check Ilonka's site for picture of his family.

Vital Stats
Zodiac Sign : Leo
Height : 1,78 cm (about 5'10")
Eyes color : Grey
Hair color : Dark blonde