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l i v e i t .

live it. is a original band made up of four extremely talented teens: cherry, dan, jess, and the 'new' guitar player erin, who adds a new color to the energetic group. from complaining about teen relationships, and making fun of helpless victims of breakups, to exploring the meanings of life, the songs not only have an 'edgy' pop tune but the lyrics are full of twists and turns explaining the torment of adolescence. this band has already had one recording opportunity but the sensible group feels that they need to do a lot more before they jump into the mainstream of the competitive industry. as cherry once said, "opportunity knocks, and we chase after it as it drives away," pauses and looks at jess, "then we jump on the back of the car!".
"uh..." jess looks around, "am i stupid?"

"Leave me alone!"-Erin "Its people like you that make people like me, hate people!"-Jess

come read some lyrics!


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thanks for visiting live it online. if you would like information on the band and its members, or bookings, contact live it at

info on band members, along with lyrics and song clips, will be up shortly.

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