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Dynamic Rock's Interview

Dynamic Rock: How did the band first come about?

Linkin Park: I started the band back in 1996. At that point, I was mainly doing beats for various hip hop acts, but decided I wanted to experiment with mixing different styles of music together. The band that did that was called "Xero", and included me, Brad, Joe, and Rob.

Dynamic Rock: At one point your band name was Hybrid Theory. Why the change?

Linkin Park: Legal problems. Instead, "Hybrid Theory" is going to be the name of our album, which comes out in late October.

Dynamic Rock: How did you decide on the name “Linkin Park”?

Linkin Park: On his way home from practice, Chester kept driving by a place called Lincoln Park. It's in a middle class neighborhood, where lots of homeless people hang out. It just kept grabbing his attention, and we all realized how much we liked the vibe of the name.

Dynamic Rock: What music or artists have inspired you the most or influenced you to do what you do today?

Linkin Park: Deftones, Nine Inch Nails, The Roots, Jurassic 5, Aphex Twin, among others...

Dynamic Rock: How would you describe your style of music?

Linkin Park: Heavy alternative mixed with hip-hop and electronic.

Dynamic Rock: What, if any, kind of message are you trying to portray with your music and lyrics?

Linkin Park: We go for raw emotions, not just some story about a social situation. We mainly focus on laying out an emotional starting point from which the listener can begin relating their own story.

Dynamic Rock: What reasons do you have for playing the type of music that you do and why?Do you create music just for the joy of it or do you hope to one day become signed by a major-label record company? Perhaps there is another reason. Elaborate please.

Linkin Park: We love all kinds of music. There is very little music we don't like. In fact, one of our goals is to be able to play with as many different types of groups as possible.

Dynamic Rock: Right now, the internet is a growing tool in the promotion of young bands like yourself, and in my opinion will one day become the future of band promotion overshadowing radio airplay, music magazines, and music television shows like MTV, Farmclub or VH1. What are your thoughts on the future of music and the internet?

Linkin Park: As long as the internet is used responsibly and intelligently, it is an amazing tool for connecting with fans all over the world. We basically started on the internet and have grown from there. Our street promotions team was born on the internet, and we met most of our first fans through the web. Hundreds of new listeners still contact us daily at

Dynamic Rock: How would you describe the situation with mp3s and the facts that just about anybody can go on the web and download music for free?

Linkin Park: I think a song should be as available as the band feels comfortable with it. Our first single, "One Step Closer", is a song we definitely want people to download and pass around as much as they want. We feel the same about "Points of Authority" and "With You". That's why they're available on our website.

Dynamic Rock: How would you describe your relationship between your band and your fans?

Linkin Park: We stay as close as we can to our fans. They are the most important thing to us. We make music probably more for them than we do for us.

Dynamic Rock: With the ever-growing plethora of “boy-bands”, teen pop singers, and other trend-following bands that seem to be continuously emerging in the music scene, what are your thoughts on this “commercialization” of popular music?

Linkin Park: We are making our way to actually becoming a boy band. Our first video is gonna have all of us in a shower wearing white linen suits, crying and pointing at the camera. We definitely want to start wearing matching outfits, choreographing, and lip-syncing our live show.

Dynamic Rock: How would you describe your live show?

Linkin Park: We try to bring the most energetic, entertaining show we can to our fans. We want to get down there and interact with the people and get to know them.

Dynamic Rock: What is the best aspect about touring and live shows?

Linkin Park: Meeting people. Every new city we hit is an entirely new experience that we can only get by being there.

Dynamic Rock: What is the worst aspect about touring and live shows?

Linkin Park: Not eating or sleeping enough.

Dynamic Rock: Can you tell us what is in store for the future of Linkin Park? Possible cd releases, new merchandise, tours, or record-label signings.

Linkin Park: The album is coming out in late October, so we'll be touring for that. We haven't confirmed with whom, though. Right now, we're playing with Union underground and Systematic, and having a great time. It's definitely a great show to see.

Dynamic Rock: What music or artists are currently in your cd player?

Linkin Park:
~Deftones (White Pony)
~Chevelle (Point #1)
~Jurassic 5 (Quality Control)
~Pharoah Monche (Internal Affairs)
~Depeche Mode greatest hits
~Portishead (Dummy)

Dynamic Rock: What music or artists are you most looking forward to hearing in the coming future.

Linkin Park: Radiohead's new album, Orgy's new one, LMNO's solo album.

Dynamic Rock: Is it your goal to one day become a staple on MTV? It seems that when bands become popular on this show, older fans tend to drift from the band while new fans who are more worried about image are attracted to these bands. Any thoughts?

Linkin Park: I think that good songs and honest imaging will speak for itself. As long as a band isn't putting on some ridiculous show and playing themselves, I think that they will be happy.

Dynamic Rock: Do you have any thoughts or advice for people trying to start up a band or already have a young band?

Linkin Park: Use the internet. Use mp3's. Talk to a LOT of people, wherever you can. And make sure you are really serious about it.

Dynamic Rock: For a minute, imagine that music never existed and you are not in a band. Where would you be and what would you be doing?

Linkin Park: I have always been an artist. I went to school for illustration and I painted for a living before the band, so that is where I'd be if I weren't doing this.

Dynamic Rock: Is there anything about the band and its members that nobody knows about and you would like to share with us?

Linkin Park: Mr. Hahn has a split personality named Remy. Remy is a dangerous man. He keeps the rest of us on our toes.

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