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Andrew Pieplow's Concert Review

Last Friday night I had no idea what kind of a performance Linkin Park would give. I was already a fan of LP after hearing "One Step Closer" on the radio, but after this night I was a Linkin Park fanatic. No offense at all to the other bands before Linkin Park , but they sucked. Everyone was standing around and just basically talking softly while they were playing, but when LP took the stage this was not the case. Everyone in the entire place went crazy with the energy they put out! These guys rock, there was not one person in the joint that was not going crazy. Chester sang until his face turned 5 shades of red, everyone else was playing their hearts out. They played as if this was their last concert, and everyone loved that! I had the opportunity to talk with Mike (vocals), and Brad (Guitarist) after Linkin Park's set. They were great. They seemed to be pumped up from the crowd's response. Mike even made the comment "You guys were going crazy out there!". Anyway, look for this band all you non-fanatics out there, they are going to be HUGE. This was easily the best concert I have ever been to!

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