The Gift of Game

1: Intro
2: Toxic
3: Think Fast
4: Darkside
5: Black Cloud
6: Butterfly
7: Only When I'm Drunk
8: Hollywood Babylon
9: Face the Music
10: Lollipop Porn
11: Revolving Door
12: Players(Only Love You When They're Playing)
13: B-Boy 2000


Catch a fire, fire it up~Corrupt, stirring it up~It's burning hot, drifting~Hitting every slot~With a drop kick, it's toxic~Trouble like your girl in a mosh pit~I've lost it~And that's the only way that we rock shit~Banging heads and ripping threads~If I wasn't rocking shows,~I'd be better off dead~With a one, two~One word can destroy your whole crew~And that's toxic~CHORUS: TOXIC, LOUD AND OBNOXIOUS~CRAZY TOWN'S TOXIC~WITH THAT, ROCK YOUR BLOCK~SHIT~TOXIC, POPPING MORE LIP~WE LOVE TO TALK SHIT~ROCKING YOUR BLOCK WITH THAT~STRAIGHT OUT THE BLOCK SHIT~TOXIC~A Budha, ballistic~Blacklisted, twist of fate~My vocal's fatal~As naughty block concoctions~Rock your cradle~I thought I'd wait 'til~ The timing was right~ To ignite~ Cuz people like me~ We only come out at night~ I rock the main line~ And party with fine bitches~ Which is a dirty job~ But somebodys gotta do it~ So, Whos the crew with?!~ More hos than vivid ~ Lyrics expclicit~ So, fuck the critics~ We Leave 'em hangin~ Like INXS~ CHORUS~ Toxic thresholds~of colombian gold~ You cant roll how we roll~We posssess your soul~ And push the panic~ Is it godly or satanic?~ Toxic or organic?~ MAnic minds or refined or frantic~ Just the way we planned it~ See, we be stomping around~The planet~ And we stand alone~ We infiltrate your chromosomes~No clone~ Our DNA has got a strain~ of its own~ ANd its toxic~ CHORUS

3. Think Fast
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