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Well, another month has come and gone and we are about to enter summer here in the U.S. So as the seasons change, so are my feelings for this site. I have neglected it so much lately that I'm starting to lose the passion that's driven me to keep it going. It doesn't mean that I no longer want to write or whatever about the Monkees, it's just that I don't have the time like I use to, to continue maintaining the site. Maybe it's because I've been sick and a little down lately, I don't know, but for now, I think I will put the site on hiatus. If I feel the need to update it, I will, but for now, the site is officially on vacation. To all my loyal Pump Room patrons, I really appreciate you sticking with me. Thanks! ~~~Chantal

Page Updated June 6, 2002.

The Pump Room salutes the our fallen heroes. Click here

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We at StorybookMonkees have launched our archive site with all the stories submitted by some great authors (including me). Go to the link page and click on Storybook Monkee.

Although the site is "very much" under construction, check out my new site dedicated Ewan McGregor at:

Click on the pic to read my special tribute to Mr. Harrison

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