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    We here at continue to bring you the most information on everyone's favorite death rock / pop band AmVamp. Please email us with any suggestions, comments or death threats here.

AMVAMP.COM update: is now getting ready for an upgrade! Keep checking back on the site for new revisions and see what's new.

Band News:

Amvamp is currently writing new songs and preparing for a professional demo. Come back to for a new poll asking what songs you'd like to see on our demo!!!

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Do you like to do thankless work? Do you have hours and hours to waste helping a band that will never get anywhere? Well, boy, have I got a job for you!!! 

"Goshh, ehh juz lllluvvv demm M vemm bawz!"

"Play Freebird you hairy fuck!!!"

Hairdresser on Fire is not our song !!!

Logan gives out candy to strangers !

Amvamp will eat your soul

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