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Peace brother, fuck you bastard!.I don't need your false friendship. Freedom is a bunch of shit!.This is world of shit!!.
Nailbomb was only ever supposed to be a side project and consequently they split up after their only live gig at the Dynamo festival in 1995 where the album "Proud to commit..." was recorded.This studio project was a collaboration between members of Sepultura and Fudge Tunnel, and has a distinctive sample-heavy hardcore sound. Dino from Fear Factory plays guitar on 24 Hour Bullshit. Nailbomb with the Sepultura crew and Alex Newport from Fudge Tunnel never fails to get your body moving, from the fast "Blind and Lost" and "Wasting Away" to the slower and heavier "Cockroaches" and "Sick Life".Max is in usual fine form and Alex adds that special touch to make this project band a killer. In yor face Metal\Hardcore - is NAILBOMB , gotta love the album cover. "Feels good to be a punk loser !"
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