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See You In Hell

See You In Hell

(c) 1984

See You In Hell, Dead On Arrival, Liar, Wrath Of The Ripper, Now Or Never,
Run For Your Life, The Show Must Go On, All Hell Let Loose

Fear No Evil

Fear No Evil

(c) 1985

Fear No Evil, Never Coming Back, Lord Of Darkness, Matter Of Time, Rock & Roll Tonight,
Let The Thunder Roar, Lay It On The Line, Fight For The Last, Final Scream

Rock You To Hell

Rock You To Hell

(c) 1987

Rock You To Hell, Night Of The Vampire, Lust For Freedom,
When Heaven Comes Down, Suck It And See, Rock Me 'til I Die,
You'll Wish That You Were Never Born, Waysted Love, I Want More

See You In Hell / Fear No Evil

2 on One CD (c) 1998

Greatest Hits

Best Of

(c) 1999

See You In Hell, Fear No Evil, Rock You To Hell, Wrath Of The Ripper, Lust For Freedom,
Never Coming Back, All Hell Let Loose, The Show Must Go On, Let The Thunder Roar,
Run For Your Life, Waysted Love, Now Or Never, Fight For The Last, Dead On Arrival,
Lay It On The Line, Suck It And See, Final Scream 

1982 Demo Tape

Entrance, All Hell Let Loose, Loser In Love, Liar


Rock You To Hell flexi-sampler

Rock You To Hell Flexi

Excepts from Rock Me 'til I Die, Night Of The Vampire, Rock You To Hell

In Search Of Sanity


(c) 1989

Asylum, In Search Of Sanity, Shellshock, Lightning War, Let There Be Rock,
Blood Upon The Ice, Welcome To Dying, Power Play, Confused



(c) 1992

Had Enough, World Of Pain, Ready Or Not, So Cold, Can't Believe, Portrait,
Living In A Fantasy, Stealer, All I Need, Have Mercy, Going Down,
Good Enough, In The Night (Japanese Bonus Track)

Pride In Tact

Pride In Tact

(c) 1994

Deja Vu, I'll Stand Up, I Believe In Love, Love Remains,
Something For Nothing, Pain In My Heart, Gods Of War, Stronger Than Steel,
(Take A Little) Piece Of My Heart, Who's The Wise Man (Jacie's Song), I'll Be There,
Relentless, Love Won't Bring Me Down (Japanese Bonus Track)

Under Fire

Under Fire

(c) 1998

Lonely Tonight, Go Down, Blue Sky, Let The Children Play, Devil's Train,
Dark Of The Night, Flights Of Angels, Make Believe, On A Roll, Cold Heart,
Under Fire, Lost In Tokyo (Japanese Bonus Track)

Rising Sons - Live In Japan '93

Rising Sons



(C) 2004

Screaming, Nightmare, All I Got, I Need Love, How Can I Tell You?, I'm Alive, Don't Waste My Time, If You Cut Me, Save Me, Witchcraft, How Long?, Abyss


(C) 2002
Steve Grimmett: Vocals
Nick Burr: Guitar, Backing Vox & Programming
Gavin Cooper: Bass & Backing Vox

I'm Back, Forgive & Forget, Blue Collar Fever, Misery, Action, Breathe On Me, Little Miss Predictable, Landslide, Tomorrows Another Day, Don't Want You Back, Miss You



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