Brian Johnson: Vocals

Brian Johnson was born on October 5, 1947 in Newcastle Upon Tyne (Northumberland), England. As a kid Brian performed Gang Shows with the Scouts, appeared in a TV play and even joined the local church choir. But he was quickly bitten by the rock'n'roll demon. In February 1972 he joined the Newcastle band USA, also featuring guitarist Vic Malcolm, bassist Tom Hill and drummer Brian Gibson. They changed their name to the far more appropriate Geordie a few months later. The band's first single, 'Don't Do That', was issued towards the end of the year through EMI, peaking at No. 32 in the British charts. This was rapidly followed a few months later by their biggest hit in the form of 'All Because Of You', which reached No. 6 in the charts, and another Top 20 hit with 'Can You Do It'. As the glam era thrived so did Geordie, although after 'Electric Lady' slid out of the charts, only reaching No. 32 in August 1973, the band began to go out of fashion. Geordie continued to play the club circuit and released three albums during the Seventies as well as one compilation album, 'Master Of Rock' in 1974. Sadly, none of their albums managed to persuade anyone to take the band seriously in the long-term. Shortly after the release of 'Save The World' in 1976, Geordie called it quits. Brian actually gave up all hopes of making it in the music business at this point. But by the beginning of 1980, he started to think about having another crack at the entertainment world. He persuaded his former colleagues to reform Geordie. When AC/DC approached Brian, Geordie had just signed a deal with Red Bus Records in London, initially for a single. Geordie elected to carry on when Brian left, recruiting one Terry Schlesser as his replacement.

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