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Howenstine High Magnet School Computer Room Rules

To Use The Computer Room You Must:

    Computer Lab. Rules for Mrs. Pessarakli's Students

  • No headphones or music.
  • No eating or drinking, that means no food, gum or drinks.
  • Stay and remain on assigned Internet addresses only.
  • Ask for permission before you print anything.
  • Ask for permission before you insert a floppy disk or CD.
      When you finish with your assignment, you may:
    1. Find computer sources for you Semester Final Project (remember to document you source--author, date of article, page #, etc.)
    2. Further explore Internet sites on the current topic (i.e. The Muscular System). If you find an excellent site, bookmark it on your computer, write the website on a piece of paper and turn it in to me for extra credit.