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Anatomy Article Summaries

Article Summaries

Anatomy Assignments

Anatomy in the News
(Article Summaries - 35 Points each)

Think of a topic that is related to our study of living organisms, especially one which would be interesting to you, look it up in the library, Search for it on the internet, or just browse through the Discovery Health links on this web site, and then...
  1. Write a summary of the article in 5-8 sentences.
  2. Identify any aspects of the article with which you were already familiar (3-5 sentences).
  3. Identify some aspects of the article that represent information that is new to you (3-5 sentences).
  4. Discuss your opinion of the article. Be specific.

The heading should be formatted exactly as shown here:
Try a copy-n-paste of this section into your word processing program...

Anatomy in the News              Name____________________________
Article Title:	__________________________________   Period______
Article Source:	__________________________________
Publication Date: ________________________________
URL: http://______________________________________

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