Synagoga Satanae blasphemaris ab his qui se dicunt Iudaeos esse, et non sunt, sed sunt synagoga Satanae. (Apocalypsis Ioannis 2:9)

Der Sabbath ist zweifellos das größte kulturhistorische Räthsel, das die Weltgeschichte kennt. (Stanislaw Przybyszewski, in Die Synagoge des Satan)


From the onset of Christianity 2000 years ago, the central Christian religious service, the Mass, was developed to embody the spiritual teachings and practices of Christianity. The Roman Catholic Latin Mass went through many changes over the centuries. At times there appeared bizarre distortions, rewordings, and parodies of the Latin Mass written by various groups.

This site is devoted to these other groups and their writings. It presents the original Latin texts of these groups, texts such as Missa Potatorum and Missa Lusorum - the "Mass of the Drinkers" and the "Mass of the Gamblers" (written between the years 1200 and 1600), and Missa Satanica and Missa Nigra - the "Satanic Mass" and the "Black Mass" (coming to light, perhaps written, between the years 1966 to 1986).

To view these groups and their texts in the correct historical perspectives, this site will use the comprehensive works written in German by the scholars Gerhard Zacharias (writing in the 1960s) and Stanislaw Przybyszewski (writing in the 1890s): Der dunkle Gott: Satanskult und Schwarze Messe, Die Enstehung der Satanskirche and Der Kult der Satanskirche (both found in Synagoga Satanae) - "The Dark God: the Cult of Satan and the Black Mass", "The Origins of Satan's Church", "The Cult of Satan's Church", and the "Synagogue (or Church) of Satan". (There is a two-fold factor as to why the most accurate and profound analyses of these phenomena are in German: German historically maintains the authentic European (Indo-European) structure of noun gender and noun declension, enabling German to easily depict these original phenomena of Europe, and hand in hand with this, the centuries-old Faust legend, which can well be called the quintessential myth of the German language).

The Roman Catholic Latin Mass
The central rite and belief of the Roman Catholic Church.

Roman Catholic rituals to control demons
Latin grimoires and rites of exorcism for priests to use to call to Satan and use the power of demons.

Roman Catholic portrayals of their opponents
Latin descriptions of Satanic rites and practices.

Alternate Versions of the Roman Catholic Latin Mass
Parodies of the Latin Vulgate Bible and the Latin Mass, and the Black Mass.

The other Church
Latin writings of groups claiming to be the True Church, and claiming that the Roman Catholic Church was a mistaken imposter.

Other groups
Groups that were less unified and organized, but still singled out by the Roman Catholic church as being adherents of that other Church.

Secondary material
Background studies and information for the Latin source texts.


Page first published February 2, 2002.