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Priceless Australian Shepherds


Soundtrack's Captain Bandit, CDX

Australian Shepherds

Where our lit'le doggies are "PRICELESS"

Pard'n our dust, we're a bit under construction.    More to Come!    Ya'll come on back soon, ya hear!   Please sign our guestbook below.

Thank you for stop'n by.
We started out in aussies by looking for a loyal, intelligent companion and the rest is history!

We strongly believe that the versatility of the Australian Shepherd must be perserved. We do that by testing all of our dogs on stock and by competing in all three venues, including Herding, Obedience, and Conformation. Contact us if you have any questions.

June Huddleston & Linda Bruzda
Owners / Trainers / Handlers
Laveen, AZ


The Ranch

The Boys The Girls

Upcoming Talent Family 'N Friends


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