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Slashfic by Debi C

Standalones at the top, Series' at the bottom


The Leprechaun or When Irish Eyes Are Smiling    

Summary: The men celebrate life, love, Saint Patrick's Day, silk and Glenfiddich.

The Linguist and the Colonel    

Summary: Pre-slash, First Time. The linguist and the Colonel.

No Foolin'    

Summary: Jack thoughts.


Summary: New category. Plot No Plot!


Summary: A summons to Abydos has surprising revelations.

Alternate Reality: A Tragic Story  

Sequel to Alternate Reality: A Love Story (Gen)   

Synopsis: Jack and Daniel take a wrong turn out of the Stargate and wind up on in an alternate SGC, but things aren't as similar, or as simple as one might think.


Summary: Based on spoilers for season seven. After the battle of Abydos, O'Neill witnesses something amazing.

Desert Heat

Summary: To the challenge: "Heat Haze." A visit to Abydos leads to declarations.

The Best of All Possible Worlds

Summary: To the challenge: "A little less conversation, a little more action." Jack and Daniel discuss meaning of life stuff and time. Then comes the action.

What a Day for a Daydream

Summary: A Colonel's mind is a terrible thing to waste, but he enjoys it so much! A little singing, a little humming, a little whistle.

Clear Vision

Summary: During the events of The Light, Sam sees the truth.

The Stars, the Sand, the Wind

Summary: During the events of The Light, Jack and Daniel see the truth. Sequel to Clear Vision.

A Perfect Day

Summary: What makes a perfect day? Jack realizes his mandatory requirements.

The Discussion That Never Was

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Are the rumors that are circulating about Colonel and his conquests true?

Indiana Jackson

Rating: NC-17

Summary: A 'Slave' Sale at the SGC. Lot # 13: Dr. Daniel Jackson, Archeologist, Linguist, Babe.

Coffee, Sleep and Me

Rating: NC-17

Summary: To much coffee not enough sleep, Jack drops by.


Daniel's Office Series 

Daniel's Office  

Summary: Jack wanders into 'that' part of the SGC complex. Fits between Full Circle and Fallen.

Daniel's Office: A Prequel    New!

Summary: After Jack wanders into 'that' part of the SGC complex, he gets a late night visitor. Fits between Full Circle and Fallen. 

Daniel's Office: A Postscript    New!

Summary: P.S.

Daniel's Office, Part 4    New!

Summary: Jack wanders into 'that' part of the SGC complex. Fits after Homecoming.

Daniel's Office: Fishing    New!

Summary: After Homecoming, Jack invites Daniel to come with him for the weekend.. Fits after Homecoming. 

Daniel's Office: Jack's Cabin    New!

Summary: Jack and Daniel go fishing in the mountains. 


The Search Series

The Search

Rating: NC-17

Summary: On a routine expedition the Team is attacked and Captain Carter and Doctor Jackson disappear.

Search Pattern

Rating: NC-17

Summary: This takes place immediately after my story The Search, and examines the effect of Daniel's experiences and return to the SGC and Jack O'Neill.

Hard Lessons and Hobbits

Summary: Daniel goes off with another team who doesn't know the rules about Danny-borrowing and is returned seriously ill. Standalone or sequel to Search Pattern.


The Forever Love Series

Pairing: Jack/Daniel

Rating: NC-17

Forever May Not be Long Enough for My Love

Summary: This is a Meridian Fix It story. Jack and Daniel belong together...just ask them.

This World is Never Enough

Summary: What happens at the cabin after Daniel returns and why he did.

Just How Far I'd Travel, Just How Far Would I Go

Summary: This is a Meridian Fix story, third in a series. Jack and Daniel belong together...just ask them. 

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