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Quincy Snodgrass



   Born Leon Milton Silby, Pops started singing as Hank Silby with The Skyline Boys.  Hank began using Quincy Snodgrass for his comedy act at this time. This was how he became known with three names, Hank, Quincy, and Leon. 

     He started in show business at the age of ten years old on the local radio station in his birthplace of Lynchburg, Virginia. Hank performed at local fairs, and vaudeville theaters, churches, schools and such affairs during his youth.  Fortunately for Quincy, his mother worked at a shoe factory and she made his clown shoes for him.

     His career spanned six decades in the fields of comedy and country music. His acting career spanned three decades.  Quincy was the star comedian for three major long-running television shows, the original Jimmy Dean Show out of Washington D.C. in the early fifties and Town Hall Party out of Los Angeles in the later fifties and early sixties. Hank was kept busy with Gene Autry's Ranch Party out of Los Angeles also in the sixties.

    Quincy's musical talent equaled his talent as a comedian. Throughout his career he has recorded on some of the greatest country and western albums and some of the early rock albums of our era. He made guest appearances on such shows as The Big Valley and Bonanza, and character bit acting in numerous movies.

     Quincy made friends with nearly all that were fortunate enough to have met him. His infectious love of life, laughter and music continued throughout his lifetime. A few, but  certainly not all of his close personal friends included Tex Ritter, Johnny Cash,  Merle Travis, and Cheeta (from the Tarzan movies).  He had the natural, God given ability to make us all feel at home and relaxed within a few minutes of being in his presence.

     Leon created a place where he and his friends could play their music for others instead of his kitchen at home, giving us nine wonderful years of The Town Hall Party television show.The television show aired each weekend and had an all star cast of country and western musicians playing the nation's top hits such as Hot Rod Lincoln by Jonny Bond. Quincy would be doing his own great comedy which would leave everyone roaring with laughter. Leon's musical genius enabled him to play different instruments and he joined his friends playing each show.     Quincy teamed up with Hal Southern as a comedy duo and recorded You're Gonna Cause Me Trouble?.  His home forever remained open to any and all that wanted to play or sing and music continually flowed.

     Quincy retired from show business in the nineteen eighties. He never stopped performing with his friends, he only changed his venue. Most afternoons would find Quincy outdoors with a guitar in his hands, playing along with his friends, enjoying the music and company.  His sudden death, due to heart failure, came within hours of yet another of those wonderful afternoons.  Quincy was blessed by God to be able to die laughing and on the road.  He was joking with his son Lee while only half a mile outside of Nowhere (Nowhere, Arizona, that is).  This photo was taken 2 hours before his passing.


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