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Star People ~ Remember Whom You Are...


The journey has been long, tasks many - and you are at the very end of your mission ~the one you set out to do so many lifetimes ago. You participated in a contract to be amongst groups that came to Earth in order to aid spiritual cosmic growth and awareness to the 'earthlings'.  Hence you have always had a 'feeling' and sensation that you didn't "belong" here. You represent higher love, unconditional, cosmic love that is hard to find in any partner unless you are fortunate enough to meet another Star Person.  To you density of this world feels foreign. You do not comprehend manipulation, creation of emotional dramas for gain, - you  are simply real in all ways- highly sensitive, compassionate and giving. Star People have specific  psychological and physical traits in common. You  Star Seed Quiz and find out how highly you rank.

It is a time for gathering our groups.  We were are fact millions now that set out to do 'Mission Earth'. References are found in the Bible pointing to where is says: "..and the Sons of God came to Earth and found the woman of Earth beautiful to took them into wedlock..."  We are also those that Timothy speaks of: "...Remember you are not of Earth but in it -"

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You are Here on a MISSION...


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...You are just Passing Through....


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