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Welcome to my site! Here you can learn a lot about the ships or almost anything about subspace. Stick around to learn some tricks so you won't be refered to as a "n00b."

      been a long time since i updated. last night i was at the gauntlet and the 100 flags of hell started. however, this was a special FoH, u had to capture all 100 of them! well i got invited to Invisible Chick's freq and we all started gathering stray flags.. then we had to fight off enemy ships desiring our flags. we attacked i believe 2 other bases and took their flags with ease. we eventually captured all 100 in about an hour of the 2 hour time limit. i havent had an intense subspace game for a LONG time. gg to all who participated.

      most of the links at the bottom arent working since went down. i'll try to get them up asap but thats gonna be a while cuz of school.

      Started working on an audio messages section. there u can learn to use them and download them.

      Just wanted to update the site. havent played subspace in a long time. if they put opengl in then i would cuz i can take advantage of my new geforce 4 heh. btw, the downloads is done.

      fixing up the download links so they i wont have to rely on got continuum and subspace and the guide up. still working..

      3 months since iv updated this site. always played halflife and infantry and forgot about subspace. the season seems to have started but dunno where black myst is. i changed the .36 version of continuum with the .37 which is awesome. also, added the subspace billing server. was gonna put "facts" but i already got the tile and map editors there. if u havent already, go check out ground warfare zone. its very different...

      wanted to update this site. cant think of anything to do but that oldgame crap. screw im taking it off the menu. thinkin of getting some more screenshots or more strategys. i need a new "news" pic. btw cosmic rift is whacked up.

      man i havent updated this site in a while! been playing half life lately. well.. nothing else to say. im pretty much semi-retired.

      hey just wanted to update the site. happy halloween and go do stuff. cant think of anything to do with the site except the oldgaming. screw it, i'll probably never get to that in a while. well i can but id rather play games!@

      Quick update.. i got the graphics to work. theres pics of the mines, bullets, and bombs in the info page. i also hooked up all the titles that werent drawn with asteroids.

      Had our last match of the season. i actually got to play and killed someone! yay i feel good. havent done jack shit with this site. i need graphics. angelfire still wont take my pics. im so bored of counter strike and team fortress so now i play subspace and infantry more.

      Been busy all week.. got 3 projects, a shitload of homework. was going to make a map since iv never made one before but i got bored of it too fast.. i just really dont want to think up a base. was gonna make a team fortress kind of thing. i'll work on it if a pro mapmaker helps me out. added a new strategy. i want to make atleast one map and put it up before i quit subspace.. which may be soon.

      Havent been able to update the site in a while. too much school work. trying to get to the oldgaming section but i took off infantry cuz it sucks. i linked that little banner down there. i barely play subspace now. i play counterstrike but its getting on my nerves cuz u have to wait after u die! and i die all the time! need a better comp for it. so im better off playing zangband or subspace. thinking of making a map.. i need a new graphics for the main section. im gonna try to get a new screenshot today and maybe get some new links but i dont know any sites. i need squad sites! er i just did a screenshot..

      The site wont be updated for a LONG time since i get 3 hours of homework everyday. trying to start an infantry section. but the atari will just have to wait.

      match with risinblood was 12-5. my cd rom broke so i might not be able to get cox@home!!!!!!!!! i cought another cold and i have to go school so no time for graphics or changes. jus found out that you can spend literaly hours at the pics are funny! and the audios!

      played collusion, blah blah blah. score was 12-1 i think. havent done shit on this site for a long time. looks like the atari crap is gonna have to wait for a long time. getting cox@home in 2 weeks so i'll actually be able to play in the matches ;) i wish this site would actually get visited. thinking about learning to code in qbasic even though im learning the so called "dreaded pascal" at school.

      I worked a lot on the info page. made it more detailed but i still cant add pics until angelfire fixes the problem (which they wont) until then, its gonna be boring with just words and a screenshot. i dont even feel like doing the damn atari page. not until im done with the whole subspace page will i start doing it. im also trying to get hosted by thats if they like this boring page. or atleast they could link it cuz the damn meta tags arent working i need more people! now if you go on google and search "subspace and muska" you get this lame description of the site. and theres 2 of the sites mentioning things from the past! dammit!

      We had another match yet again. it was against Foo and we won i think 11-6. it was kinda unfair cuz early in the game they only had 3 guys in. the bm site hasnt gone anywhere so far and i still havent started the atari page. too busy playing the games instead ;) the news section is too boring and theres nothing i can think of to spice it up. and angelfire is having problems with some pics im trying to upload for the strategy section.. and to me, it has the same info as in the info section... btw, if angelfire gets their act together, expect an improved info section. this time it will be even more detailed and organized.

      Added a few touch ups on the site. might make the Atari 800XL page this weekend since i get 3 days off!@

      thought id refresh the news. school started which is a pain in the ass. im trying to get more links for the site and maybe add an Atari 800XL section on the others which doesnt have anything to do with subspace ;) maybe even a scorched earth section. if you have a site you want linked here email me. also i dont have a clue on how to align the guestbook to the left! same with aligning the news in the center, no stray ends! oh yeah, we had a match today with dark saint and won 12-1. gg guys. we might make a BM site soon...

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