Welcome to version 8.0 of Firelight Grafix ^_^ Brand new layout for the ressurection of FG. This TERRIBLY unique layout XD is real simple, I mean jeez...I only used one color. How basic can it get? XD Actually I think it turned out really pretty with all the shades of blue ^^ This character is *forgot her name!* from "You're Under Arrest!" and I've been wanting to use this pic for a long time ^^ She is one of my fav chars. of anime, FYI. I didn't want anything too complex for my overworked brain to attempt to figure @_@ But I finally got off my butt to learn SSI have got to try it! It makes updating your navigation so much easier ^^ I know, I sound like a dummie newbie.
Anyway, this is a free anime graphics shop where you can get premade banners, buttons, layouts, and other graphics. And if you don't find anything appealing, you can go ahead and request something. Just make sure to read the rules and provide proper credit ^^ I had to make this intro short so I had room to blab >< Well then, surf around all you want and I hope you enjoy. And if you would be so kind as to sign the guestbook on your way out to tell me what you think ^_^ Coolios!


Request Form Status:

Please read update below.

Sun. [5.7.03] @ 9:41 pm

*GASP!!!!* You little mother*beep*. Son of a *beep*crack monkey whore. URGHHHHHHHHH! >_____< *flames flaring out of nostrils like fire on a burnt steak* No words can express my deep frustration and anger right now. The one and only time in 50 yrs that I decide to update and it gets DELETED!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! *ripping out nearest person's hair!!* *breath* That's koo, I'm ok, I'm calm *swooshes back hair* I said in my other update before it got DELETED (GRRRR! >_<) in a SUPER simplified version w/o any of my funny antics:
Sorry no update,
Thanks all who signed,
Nothing new at all,
Very busy w/ life,
Restart piano, grades, summer vac June 4, new animes Adult Swim (actually goin on my second and even third time round now ^^ But I keep falln asleep cuz I'm so FREAKIN TIRED!), and uh yeah,
Well how's that for super short? (It was funnier the first time -_-) Piece of crap.....Don't know when I'll be updating next but keep coming and look down at bottom of page!!!!!!
>( *how the heck do you draw flames coming out of nostrils on this stupid keyboard?!* *bangs on keyboard* Well,
~Signed: Arrei the Pissed

Sun. [3.2.03] @ 1:39 am

Guess Whooooo! Ta da! Yes you are correct,'tis me. The one and only ^^ Just kidding....anyways, how's it been? Me, well I'm doing fine. It kinda suprises me that I'm actually updating. No I have not forgotten about you oh poor neglected blob of information floating out there in the big world wide web that is what I call 'my site'. *sigh* If you will please, notice the last update date below you...see it? 'Tis been awhile hasn't it? Lots of things been coming and going, new sites, old sites, new anime, and even new net lingo... xhtml, xxhtml, php, dis, acd,xxxxxhtml, yeah...all those new languages out there (actually I made some of those last ones up and some I already new about, I'm just trying to make a point ^^()) This shows I'm really behind on the times huh? All you youngsters out there....j/k (I'm not that old for you slow ones jeez! Only my first year of hich school...) Well, like I said, I've been really 'busy' with school and all the other crazy meaningless stuff in my life, but recently I've been inspired by recent events to update! ^___^ Lucky you! I've been watching some new animes on TV and it has sparked my interest in site building again!!!! Whoo hoo! But I'm not making any, I'm taking this graphics class in my magnet school that uses Adobe Illustrator which had something to do with it. I'm kinda excited about designing stuff again! But we'll see what happens...I'm going to try to put up my new layout thats been sitting in its file rotting away, and God knows lots of revaming needs to be done, see? With all the stuff I am *mimick voice* soooooo looking forward too *end mimick voice*, it just kinda gets me down again....but we'll see......if only you knew..... XD
~Arrei, your beloved

Fri. [12.13.02] @ 6:08 pm

I'm still here I swear I'm still here! ((>_<)) I am terribly sorry for not updating like the so many times I promised. Well guess what? *sighers* My 'host' Sia is no more. She got a new domain and they are not allowing hostees. But thanks a bunch anywayz Sia! Good thing I didn't upload anything yet ^^* Except the layout on the main page. Well guess what else? That 'beautiful' layout I made is going to have to wait cuz I'm makin another beautiful layout...for Chrismas! Ahahahaha! *cough* er, um, anywhoot ^^, that's coming up and after that layout goes down, I'm going to put up the one before. I don't know what version it's going to be called though....Oh, and I am really going to close the request forms anyways cuz I usually never get to the little requests I do have. I think its mean to lead poor internet fools (j/k!) into waiting for a request that's never going to come...cuz not everyone reads my 'little' "NOTICE" at the bottom. I'm really sorry everyone, but I never...EVER...have time anymore -_-And I truly mean this. But I will open them up again sometime when I do have time...OH, g2g, see? I don't have time again! @_@

Sun. [11.24.02] @ 2:44 pm

Sorry I haven't updated in a billion years -_- But, as mentioned in recent updates, I got hosted!! ^____^ And as I said I will be making a new layout to go along with the move. And it's almost done! Whoo hoo! But you can't view it until I'm done so I'm taking the link away...BWUAHAHAHAHA! *cough* Er, um, -_-() Anywhoo, this moves gonna take a LOOOOOOONG time. But as soon as I get the main page up I'm gonna delete everything here and turn it into a "MOVED" page ^__^ But I'm still keeping backup files on Angelfire just in case ^^ I'm out....
For the new link click here

Sun. [11.2.02] @ 6:33 pm

It'a November! Ahahahaha! ^__^ Well, as mentioned below, I am now being hosted thanks to the wonderful Sia! *whoo hoo Sia!* Anywho, I am in the process of moving there and I think I will be changing my layout yet again. And as for my clique project,'s still coming along...anyhoot, gotta go. Lotsa work to do -_- *urgh!*
For the new link click here

Sun. [10.20.02] @ 5:36 am

Suppers?! So, an update. *twiddles thumbs* What to say, what to say? o_O *cracks!* Ahh! I have nothing to say! *emotional breakdown!* Oh Lord why?! Why?! (1 minute later) Wheow! Alright, I'm cool, I'm calm... So? Now that I have it back together (it's 5:15 in the a.m. How would you be? -_-) Sorry no new updates to the actual site yet, I don't think I'm even done upgrading to this version yet!...or was that last version? Hmm, if you don't notice, I don't notice. I've just been busy catching up on orders, doing school work, yeah, you know, the usual O_O OK OK! I was a little lazy. But just a little wee bit. But can you blame me? After a day of work, work, and work, I just don't need anymore! Let me sleep G*Dammit! But I did tell you I was working on a clique didn't I? Yeah, that's still coming along. But I'm having problems with the server...and the layout...and the idea...and just the whole freakin thing. Give me a few more weeks for that. *Gaspers!* I've been offered to be hosted by Sia ^^ A wonderful warm thanks so much to her! I'll let you how it's going...I really am excited to be getting hosted. Thanks so much to her again! Well, that's it for now. I have lots of "projects" runnin through my mind right now like the ones listed above plus: making new premade layouts (Oh G*d please do!), maybe hiring some crew, and a new layout yet again ^____^ Welp, I'm going to watch some movies now......[(P.S.): Welcome to October! ^__^ A lil late there aren't we Arrei? --_--()]

Sun. [9.29.02] @ 6:00 pm

Hola! Sorry I haven't updated for a week ^^() I've been busy thinking about and working on my new clique, *insert what you think clique's name is here* Can't give it away ^^ Problem is, actually knowing me, add an "s" to that "problem". I couldn't find the perfect pic for the first layout ever of *oops! almost slipped!* to go along w/ the theme. So I had to draw my own XD It turned out alright I guess, but the layout didn't look so hot --() Oh crap monkies, I dont here to see the prototype of my new clique's layout. And please! sign the g-bie to tell me what yout think of the layout --() I have a back up pic just in case it really bombs. So feel free to tell me what you think, no obligation. And this brings me to my 2nd prob.: since I have no host for it, I have to deal with a server. Does Fateback support CSS? This is the first time I've used FBk. and don't know how it works. I would really appreciate any feedback you could give me. Ahhh! I just remebered! I forgot to do my homework O_o I am royally screwed.....

Sun. [9.22.02] @ 5:19 am

Phew! *sweatbeads drippin off forehead* Finally I have tweeked and tweeked until I can tweek no longer ^^ You have to make it perfect before you start changing all the other pages (urgh! And I haven't even started those yet! >_<) I have been making all those little annoying final adjustments for your basic layout template. You know, all the fonts, line types, colors, bg colors, more colors, more line types, etc. And this is the end product. Hope you like ^^ As I said, nothin real exciting about v.8 but I like it nontheless ^^ (I just wish I could get just the text to move a few pixels away from the scroll bar...>_<) Ok then, I lied. I need to tweek some more. Well so far I have...TWO whole pages done! This one and my guestbook. Whoo hoo! -_-() I have my work cut out...Well, gotta go tweek some more...and please excuse the mess. This could take some time ^^()

Mon. [9.16.02] @ 1:17 pm
Upgrading to v.8! Please excuse the mess ^_^()

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