~Colra Dane Temperaments~

I am extremely proud of all of the dogs that I have produced. They all have EXCELLENT temeperaments.
Temperaments are VERY important to me.
I feel that a dog must not only be sound of body but must also be sound of mind.
Our dogs have been proven to be able to obtain AKC/UKC/Int'l/Nat'l championship titles
as well as CD's,CGC's, TDI,Rally titles and capable of becoming Service Dogs.


Sable one of our wonderful Service Dogs that helps her mom Annette

CH Ace on the playgroud at recess with the kids.

CH Ace working with a special needs girl

Sophia has proven herself to be quite a valuable family member as she has become a Diabetic Alert Dog.
Her dad has a rarer type of the disease
You can read Sophia's story on our temperments page

Lexi,CH Ace and CH Shelly love crusing on the boat.

CH Shelly, CH Oscar and Milo going for a swim in the Colorado River.

Milo the lifequard going to save his dad Brian.

CH Shelly in her whelping box with her uncle Brian who also build her whelping box

"Guinness" CGC TDI visiting his 96 year old Grandma.

Sabre doing therapy work with a special needs young lady.
This young lady was terrified of dogs but Sabre was able to get her over her fear of dogs and as you can see they are best buddies now

"Tiger" as a High in trial, his Canine Good Citizen title, Companion dog title, Rally Novice
Therapy Dog title and he also competes in the conformation ring as well. Tiger does it ALL.
Tiger pictured above with his new human sister Celeste

Tiger shooting his 1st comercial for Doggie Treats.
Tiger as also done a Hasbro comerical too.

Milo and his 17 year old cat Skidz taking turns getting a drink

Milo and Oscar on the way to a show.

Milo giving his mommy Christy a kiss and Tiger ready to kiss his mommy Chantel

Chipper and his human girl Claire

Jackson and his human boy Crey napping