Am/UKC/4xBIS Int'l/Nat'l


DOB 8-4-08

Roxy no longer lives with me as I have given her back to her breeders.
Myself and Roxy's breeder have parted ways.
Colra Danes is no longer affiliated in any way shape or form with SisCo Danes or it's owners.

Roxy was the first and youngest puppy from the litter to finish.
Roxy became a champion with ease in just 3 months of showing and finished in 3 show circuits.
She finsihed at the tender age of just 9 mos ownerhandled all the way by Colette Hayes/Colra Danes.

10-09 Roxy become an Int'l/Nat'l Champion
4 SG-1 Ratings, 4 puppy BOB's, 4 Group 1's, 4 Puppy BIS's and then on to the honor of Grand Sieger.
Roxy was the only dog undefeated at all 4 shows

5-09 Durango KC Roxy takes WB and WB/BOW to finish at 9 mos old

5-09 Rio Grande KC Roxy takes WB/BOW/BOS and then WB for a total of 4 more pts.

4-09 WB/BOW 4 pt major. Thank you Judge Arlene Davis

4-09 WB/BOW/BOS/BOB Puppy 4 pt major. Thank you Judge Norman Kenney

2-09 GDCAZ Roxy's 1st time in the ring she take BOS in Sweeps with an entry of 33

1-09 Roxy becomes a UKC champion in one weekend taking 4 BOB's, two Group 2's and a Group 1 for her title.

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